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Jim W. Dean was an Editor for VT (2010-2022)

Double Trouble: Dr. Mehmet Oz and Turkey

Which country does Oz owe his allegiance to? That’s what journalists and others have justifiably been asking.

Christian Nationalism Exposed: PROJECT BLITZ aims to Reverse Decades of Christianity Being Used...

SOURCE:  Christians against Christian Nationalism BJC · Ep. 01: Christian Leaders On Christian Nationalism Editor's note: Anyone who has ever ridden a horse can understand the...

Has Biden ordered his own false flag on Ukraine?

Biden's 'false flag' might have been a US-Ukie creation. We will know soon enough.

Erdogan Triumphs as Putin Stabs His Best Ally in the Back

Elected on an anti-corruption platform in 2018’s democratic “Velvet Revolution,” Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was reelected in 2021. Russia dislikes democratic leaders.  They’re harder to arm-twist and bribe.  True, Pashinyan has been somewhat friendlier to Western nations than Armenia’s earlier leaders.

Report: TrumpBots to Take Down Power Grid to Stop Arrest of Confessed Criminal,...

The Department of Homeland Security is warning that violent domestic groups and racially motivated extremists may attack the electric sector.

Zelensky Flutters on Russian Invasion Hype, Leaving USA Where?

Russian and Chinese planes, possibly carrying nuclear weapons, are not continually challenging US and EU air space, for practice, to have some fun, and to get publicity.

Trump’s Total Coverup Dream has Died at Supreme Court

Trump is at heart and in action a mobster who viewed even the US Supreme Court as part of his mob

Ukraine’s Poroshenko ‘looter-in-chief’ returns for high treason trial

Jim W. Dean - This will be quite a David and Goliath show with the Rich Traitor squaring off against The Comic.

EU: Collapsing the Fourth Reich

Declan Hayes - "Even though the smallest of European nations has a soft power imprint, the EU has none."

Political Coordination Between Russia and Egypt Intensifies

Jim W. Dean - We hope for new thinking in 2022 and for positive results for long-suffering people trapped in these cruel wars.

Putin warns U.S. President Biden of complete rupture in relations if sanctions proceed

Russia’s president spoke in a 50-minute phone call with Biden amid U.S. fears that Moscow may once again invade Ukraine

Bipartisan Jan. 6 Committee Investigates Trump with Purpose of Mission and Clear-Eyed Determination

There are criminal statutes on books to deal with negligent duty situations with no exclusions for former presidents

Jan 10th date Set for Insurrection lawsuits against Trump by Capitol Police

Finally, we are seeing some consolidation hopefully on the Trump Insurrection lawsuits which can speed up the process.

Bizarre: Turkey’s Next Surrogate Drone War on Russia

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, also said on the Ukrainian 1+1 TV channel that Kyiv would increase the number of Bayraktar drones in the Ukrainian army in cooperation with Ankara.

Meadows’ book possible ‘waiver’ of executive privilege, Jan. 6 investigators say

"It'd be very difficult for him to maintain ‘I can't speak about events to you, but I can speak about them in my book,’” said Rep. Adam Schiff

Was Tucker Carlson’s Jan6 Show an Organized Political Operation?

Two Fox contributors quit over Tucker Carlson's Show as alarming truth is revealed

Capitol Hill police officer breaks his silence after attempted siege

Officer Harry Dunn held off doing an interview until he was ready.

Research to make Covid-19 less infectious continues

This story focuses on Covid's major entry point, inhaling air with virus droplets where it has its easiest point of entry into the cells lining of your nasal passages.

Can Libya get rid of its foreign mercenaries to complete peace deal?

We have all been here before, talk of peace in Libya, only to see domestic or outside actors and influences, or both, scuttle the process. But we appear to be closer now than ever.

Lavrov: Russia ready to sever EU ties if hit with new sanctions

I am still waiting for someone to pose the need for a UN formation style conference about ending interference in the affairs of other countries in the pursuit of economic domination.