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In December 2016 when Donald Trump bragged that the child rape lawsuit brought against him (below) was dismissed, he was correct.  It was dismissed because Ghislaine Maxwell testified that the accusations made were false. Now Maxwell faces prison for, among other things, lying in the 2015-2016 "Jane Doe" lawsuit against Trump and Epstein, which cleared Trump of potential criminal charges...
Clearly a nuclear explosion - the white-hot center of the blast indicates a plasma ball. No conventional explosion burns this hot. What happened?
Observed from outer space, the United States is in a revolutionary turmoil. Fires are burning, thousands of people are confronting police and other security forces. There are barricades, banners, posters, and there is rage.
Some of the most common types of cyber-crime in the FBI’s report were those which work by conning people into believing the fraudster is from a legitimate company.
The United States deployed more than 30 fighters and 2 thousand military men at the border of the Kaliningrad region
Late on June 22, Russian air defense units repelled a massive drone attack on Russia’s Hmeimim airbase in Syria. According to local sources, Russian Pantsir and Tor systems launched almost two dozen missiles at unmanned aerial vehicles launched by militants from the southern part of the Idlib de-escalation zone.

Contrail Science

History Channel, That’s Impossible, Weather Warfare & Chemtrails
Is Anthony Fauci one of the most institutionally corrupt individuals of our time? That’s what today’s Truth Jihad Radio guest, Ken McCarthy, says.
Facebook removes Trump ads that displayed Nazi symbols
Speaking Truth to Empire Host Dan Yaseen speaks with Peace Activist Israeli Miko Peled
Bolton is a liar, he always has been and Trump needed a liar
Mainstream media is part of a propaganda operation changing conversation away from the most powerful banking cabal in the world who own USA, the West and much of the world because they just stole at least $7 trillion.
The U.S. Army has 10 installations named after Confederate generals. Zero are named after U.S. Military Women
Best research book on dubious first lady describes her as a fake person whose claimed background, languages etc...is false. Her entire background is largely made up.
"On June 4, agents turned up unannounced at Katy’s work, pulling her off the job and into a large truck in the gravel parking lot to question her about her connections to the upcoming rally and to AntiFa — the loose anti-fascist movement recently labeled as a terrorist organization by President Donald Trump. Katy had never heard of them." Editor's...
Would the Neocon-Zionist mafia that controls Trump and Netanyahu really stoop so low as to release a biological weapon that may well kill millions of innocent people around the globe?
Enjoy Phil Giraldi's triple play, starting with Israel getting its usual inside rail position to loot the US Treasury, with our elected officials tripping over each other to accommodate
It is a truism that history always has three sides – their story, our story and the truth. We explore the Falklands War and look for truth
The aliens and ETs who are surrounding this planet in spaceships called the Galactic Federation have declared they will give full military protection to smaller countries who join this extraordinary organization working for good.
Chauvin Knew Him Well, Was Protecting Police Citywide Shakedown Operation

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