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Johnny Punish Celebrates The Life And Legacy Of Robert Johnson, a man who influenced everyone from Muddy Waters to The Rolling Stones, and shaped the future of rock’n’roll with a new song "The Forgotten Man"
Officer Harry Dunn held off doing an interview until he was ready.
Cancel Culture in Overdrive from the Republicans as every Democrat called a radical
Host Dan Yaseen talks with book author and global political expert Danny Haiphong
Thirty-five years worshipping at the altar of free markets and deregulation later, America has gone from being perceived by most countries as “a city on a hill” to a nation that sometimes has actual bread lines.
Attack in the Democratic Republic of Congo where the Italian ambassador Luca Attanasio and the carabiniere Vittorio Iacovacci, who was in the convoy with the diplomat, were killed
The “Irish Aid – Government of Ireland” logos are clearly visible among the debris of broken solar panels, children’s belongings and destroyed tents, marking items donated to the Palestinian families by a European Union umbrella group.
This story focuses on Covid's major entry point, inhaling air with virus droplets where it has its easiest point of entry into the cells lining of your nasal passages.
After massive internet outrage – outrage that was called "cancel culture" today in a rant from Trump Jr. – Senator Cruz hightailed it back to America from his Cancun crash pad at the Ritz Carlton
We have all been here before, talk of peace in Libya, only to see domestic or outside actors and influences, or both, scuttle the process. But we appear to be closer now than ever.
Proud Boys and Oath Keepers have done a great job in Texas..as the turds have clearly overtaken the punchbowl
Rush profited immensely getting super-rich off his vulnerable audience who he drove into crazed frenzies with his sexist, homophobic and racist remarks.
Google and News Corp. strike a deal. Google will start paying Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. for the use of its journalism in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Real Treason: 43 Traitors (video)

The GOP is like a constantly evolving crime scene, hard to keep up with the criminal activity.
Dominion sent letters to Lindell in December and January demanding that he retract false claims about their machines. Instead, the MyPillow CEO doubled down.
Israeli policies enacted during the Trump regime violate US protocols for arms sales and aid, particularly the "Jewish Nation State law" which deeply parallels South Africa's apartheid pass laws.  
Gordon Duff and Jim Dean of VT were asked to submit an investigation outline for General Honore' and Speaker Pelosi and did so in late January 2021.
There was 1 civilian contractor killed, 5 civilian contractors injured and 1 US service member injured.
In a press conference held today in Moscow via video conferencing, Klimov said, that the Syrian people have the right to protect their interests and decide their own fate.
I am still waiting for someone to pose the need for a UN formation style conference about ending interference in the affairs of other countries in the pursuit of economic domination.

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