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Host Dan Yassen speaks with VT's own Jim Dean about current U.S. Foreign Policy and its effect around the world
Happy Columbus Day America! Are you celebrating yet? Do you think Columbus is a great man or a mythological creation of history to support conquest? Would he be a Trump Supporter? Let's find out!
The Trump campaign and White House has not indicated that any additional safety measures will be taken to prevent the transmission of the virus
Trump and his Spaghetti Queen using COVID as campaign fundraiser. Those around him stole tens, maybe hundreds of millions in campaign funds...
When called to lead, Donald Trump Failed! Period! Failure Deserves No Reward
We were told the Slovenian was not like hubby, not hateful and entitled, tasteless and bigoted. We knew better! Here, let Melania tell you in her own words
Trump encourages supporters to independently monitor polling places -- a federal crime. What Trump is encouraging his supporters to do differs from the duties that certified poll watchers are tasked with.
I met Soviet sleeper agent Jack Barsky in Atlanta when he was a guest speaker for our Atlanta Chapter of the Assoc. for Former Intelligence Officers. 
A-Bomb and World War II expert Gar Alperovitz speaks with host Dan Yassen
Self-Quarantined at home; angry, depressed, and pissed, I wrote this song called OUT OF CONTROL as a way to deal with all of this disruption.
Trump lied when he told Mueller in written answers that he had no memory of talking with Roger Stone about Wikileaks
The Telecommunications Act of 1996 has completely failed the American Public. It is time for a new deal.
The success of a company depends not only on their clients but more importantly, on their employees who work towards achieving the goals of the organization.
VT Senior Editor discusses openly and directly the evidence compiled by VT about the Beirut Blast and how VT has delivered the evidence to the authorities in Lebanon and in the USA.
Is YouTube Scrubbing Video Evidence? VT Investigates!
Today is the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Attack on Japan by the United States of America; an attack that vaporized and deleted over 100,000 people. There is NOTHING to celebrate here.
A general in the Lebanese Army alleges Israel dropped a tactical nuclear weapon on the port of Beirut today.  He reports that this was done to collapse the current political regime there and revolt against Hezbollah. We are following up on this allegation
Today's alleged attack appears to confirm that Israel is protected by Trump.  VT is following up on all leads to confirm what really happened
China guarantees to buy Iran crude for 25 years. Iran to have access to state of art defensive weapons it did not have plus access to all of China and Russia's technologies that it may need.
The cadre of military veterans assembled in front of the courthouse on Friday night and created a line between protesters and a protective fence wrapped around the building. Some of the vets stood with their hands placed behind their backs, while others held signs that read “Disabled veterans 4 BLM.”

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