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"It'd be very difficult for him to maintain ‘I can't speak about events to you, but I can speak about them in my book,’” said Rep. Adam Schiff

Hillary Was Right All Along

Time to give credit where credit is due
The Russian Defence Ministry said on Monday that Moscow and New Delhi have signed an agreement on military and technical cooperation for 2021-2030.
Gordon Duff and VT Expose Middle Eastern US Drug Trade
State Department employees based in Uganda or elsewhere in East Africa were targeted over several months
Norway, a NATO member, has called on the US-led military alliance to stay away from its border area near Russia, saying the country’s own armed forces will take care of the strategic region.
Saudi Arabia used “incentives” as part of a lobbying campaign to shut down a UN investigation of human rights violations committed by all sides in the Yemen conflict, according to sources with close knowledge of the matter.
Ambassador Sabri calls for a general conference of the countries and forces of the axis of resistance and the adoption of a strategic vision to support the Palestinian cause.
Ben Rhodes, the former Deputy National Security Adviser to President Obama discusses the issue.
Saudi Arabia is withholding oil production because Biden won’t meet with Mohammed bin Salman after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.
In its place, a myth is promulgated in defiance of the historical record, of pre-Pilgrim peace and solidarity among the Indians. This imposture can only have credibility by ignoring the annals of Native civil wars.
Trump admin okayed secret Pentagon plan for shadow war with Iran: Report Press TV: Towards the end of his presidency, Donald Trump approved a secret Pentagon campaign to conduct sabotage, propaganda and other psychological operations in Iran, a new report has revealed. A report by Yahoo News, published on Wednesday, quotes former senior officials who served in the Trump administration saying...
Fund Managers Increasingly Prefer Bitcoin Over Gold — Say It's a Better Store of Value
Two Fox contributors quit over Tucker Carlson's Show as alarming truth is revealed

Blockbuster: All Tuckered Out

There are plenty of Tucker grievances to write about: His daily pontification of flagrant utter disinformation, his vituperative, mass-cultural-gaslighting word salad.
Military strategists are now preparing for imminent warfare sparked by the effects of climate change.
The project, drawn up in an Atlantist and extremely Russophobic key with 5 potential war scenarios, seems to be written by Doctor Strangelove, or the character created from the 1958 political fiction novel by Peter George that the director Stanley Kubric adapted in the homonymous film about the atomic nightmare with a legendary Peter Sellers in triple role.
The only sign of the killers was an artistic flourish: the dozen long-stemmed white roses victims often received just before they vanished.
The country that lost the war now intends to avenge its defeat against Lebanon since Lebanon stood by the oppressed nation that has been under invasion for eight years and whose country has been destroyed amid attempts by some parties to make it surrender.
A report reveals that Saudi Arabia has turned to the United States to seek help in strengthening its missile interception systems, as the kingdom, which has been leading a protracted war on Yemen, remains unable to protect its soil against its southern neighbor’s retaliatory air raids.

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