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Italian Ambassador and Carabiniere Killed In Congo. Suspicions on ISIS that Freed 1,300 Prisoners from Jail months ago

Attack in the Democratic Republic of Congo where the Italian ambassador Luca Attanasio and the carabiniere Vittorio Iacovacci, who was in the convoy with the diplomat, were killed

Real Treason: 43 Traitors (video)

The GOP is like a constantly evolving crime scene, hard to keep up with the criminal activity.

Finally, An American Patriot: Biden Hitting Reset Button with Israel

Israeli policies enacted during the Trump regime violate US protocols for arms sales and aid, particularly the "Jewish Nation State law" which deeply parallels South Africa's apartheid pass laws.  

Trump sits back, watching State parties attack Repubs who voted against him

The ghost of Donald Trump will cast a long shadow over American politics

Speaking Truth To Empire: VT’s Jim Dean Talks U.S. Foreign Policy with Host Dan Yassen

Host Dan Yassen speaks with VT's own Jim Dean about current U.S. Foreign Policy and its effect around the world

TRUMP COVID-19 FAILURE! I Demand Trump Resign Immediately!

When called to lead, Donald Trump Failed! Period! Failure Deserves No Reward

Trump’s request for Proud Boy ‘Poll Watchers” a Federal Crime

Trump encourages supporters to independently monitor polling places -- a federal crime. What Trump is encouraging his supporters to do differs from the duties that certified poll watchers are tasked with.

Did Israel Nuke Beirut or was it Just An Industrial Accident?

A general in the Lebanese Army alleges Israel dropped a tactical nuclear weapon on the port of Beirut today.  He reports that this was done to collapse the current political regime there and revolt against Hezbollah. We are following up on this allegation

China Sabotages US attempt to Strangle Iran

China guarantees to buy Iran crude for 25 years. Iran to have access to state of art defensive weapons it did not have plus access to all of China and Russia's technologies that it may need.

Five Women Veterans Who Deserve to Have Army Bases Named After Them

The U.S. Army has 10 installations named after Confederate generals. Zero are named after U.S. Military Women

George Floyd Murder Premeditated?

Chauvin Knew Him Well, Was Protecting Police Citywide Shakedown Operation

Admiral Mike Mullen: I cannot remain silent

Our fellow citizens are not the enemy, and must never become so

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The Slaughter of the Free Word In Israel

Al-Jazeera TV broadcaster Shireen Abu Akleh is the latest international journalist to be murdered by the State of Israel without any condemnation by the United States of America

Homeland Security hiring surge expected with potential new bill

A new potential bill could spark a massive hiring surge by the US Homeland Security. If this new bipartisan bill is passed at least...

Is Disney World Moving from Florida to Guadalajara Mexico?

Florida's War Against Americans Now Includes Disney World, an Icon of American Culture

Christian Nationalism Exposed: PROJECT BLITZ aims to Reverse Decades of Christianity Being Used by Toxic Nationalists for Political Agendas in USA

SOURCE:  Christians against Christian Nationalism BJC · Ep. 01: Christian Leaders On Christian Nationalism Editor's note: Anyone who has ever ridden a horse can understand the...