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Pelosi announces plans for ‘9/11-type commission’ to investigate Capitol attack

Gordon Duff and Jim Dean of VT were asked to submit an investigation outline for General Honore' and Speaker Pelosi and did so in late January 2021.

Trump Impeachment Day 2 – Dem prosecutors take us inside the Insurrection

From what I saw at all the main door crashings, the use of lethal force could have stopped it.

Trump could face criminal investigation over Capitol siege, says Cheney

“The oath I took to the constitution compelled me to vote for impeachment'. - Liz Cheney

Moderate Republicans are stepping up to take on the Trump Insurrectionists

Bill Krsitol teams up with other Republicans to save the party from the Trump insurrectionists.

Steeped in Corruption: The FBI Turns Blind Eye to Right Wing Terrorism

As a top priority, Vice President Harris should put her lawyer hat on once again and lead, together with Congress, a reform of the FBI legal standards on terrorism.

Should Trump Be Arrested For Murder Of Woman At U.S. Capitol?

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) condemned Wednesday’s “attempted coup by fascist rioters” and said President Trump should be prosecuted.

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The Slaughter of the Free Word In Israel

Al-Jazeera TV broadcaster Shireen Abu Akleh is the latest international journalist to be murdered by the State of Israel without any condemnation by the United States of America

Homeland Security hiring surge expected with potential new bill

A new potential bill could spark a massive hiring surge by the US Homeland Security. If this new bipartisan bill is passed at least...

Is Disney World Moving from Florida to Guadalajara Mexico?

Florida's War Against Americans Now Includes Disney World, an Icon of American Culture

Christian Nationalism Exposed: PROJECT BLITZ aims to Reverse Decades of Christianity Being Used by Toxic Nationalists for Political Agendas in USA

SOURCE:  Christians against Christian Nationalism BJC · Ep. 01: Christian Leaders On Christian Nationalism Editor's note: Anyone who has ever ridden a horse can understand the...