Paul Fitzgerald & Elizabeth Gould

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould are authors of Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story, published by City Lights (2009), Crossing Zero The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire, published by City Lights (2011). Their novel The Voice, was published in 2001. Their memoir, The Valediction Three Nights of Desmond  (2021) and The Valediction Resurrection (2022) was published by TrineDay.  For more information visit invisiblehistory , grailwerk and Read Paul and Elizabeth's Full Complete Bio >>

Turning on Russia: Been Done Before But Will This Time Be The Last?

Part 1:  It’s been done to Russia before but this time will be the last

Turning on Russia: RussoPhobia and NeoCons

The post-WWII strategy of the neocons has been shaped chiefly by Russo-phobia against the Soviet Union and now Russia

Learn How the CIA Created a Fake Western Reality for ‘Unconventional Warfare’

Part 3 of The Universal Empire: A Four-Part Series from VT's Fitzgerald and Gould

How Neocons Continue to Push for War by Cooking the Books

Part 2 of The Universal Empire: A Four-Part Series from VT's Fitzgerald & Gould

Bhadshah Khan’s Afghan World Peace Movement

VT's Fitzgerald and Gould report on Badshah Khan, the man who started Afghanistan’s indigenous non-violent movement

How the Mysticism of Newgrange pulled us into its vortex

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould explore the mystical vortex of Newgrange

Afghanistan: Between Three Worlds

Investigative Journalists Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould explore Afghanistan caught in between the Russians, Americans and their own peoples.

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On This Tragic Day in 1947, U.N. Votes for Partition of Palestine

76 years ago, war, conflict, murder, death, and struggle were put forth by the United Nations on this day in 1947. A complete and utter failure, the world still suffers the consequences of that vote as more than 6 million Indigenous people in Palestine live in refugee camps, squalor, and suffer the indignities of being oppressed by another racist bigoted violent European colonizer.

Is NATO Falling Apart or Morphing Into a New World Order?

VT's Jonas Alexis explores NATO for 2023