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Sami, a Palestinian-American and a US Army Veteran (66-68), recipient of the "soldier of the month award and leadership award from the 6th Army NCO Academy, is an international legal and business consultant with over 40 years of international experience, in construction, hospitality services, conservation, and defense, in the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa. Sami is a holder of BA, MPA in Public and Environmental Affairs, Jurist Doctor from Indiana University. While at IU he was elected class president, student government president and chairman of the Indiana Students Association, Active in peace movement as a co-author of the pre-amble for the One State for All of its people and voluntary service program SalamNation. A frequent contributor on national and international affairs. He resides in the United States.

Poor Palestinians Bastards; Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t!

Over the last number of years, successive Israeli governments have increased its targeted assassinations of what they perceived as “Palestinian Terrorists” expanding the use...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Over the years, somehow and due to some political and secular pressure, somehow the greetings of Merry Christmas simply disappeared and in its place"...

Is the USA a Nation of Crooks? You Bet We Are!

VT's Sami Jadallah exposes the reality of open corruption and thievery that is now the USA

VT’S Sami Jadallah Calls on PLO/Palestine Authority to Disband NOW!

Political corruption in Palestine causes harm to everyday people

There is Only One True God and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is NOT One

In years past, during the reign of the late Zionist Jewish Emperor, Sheldon Adelson, Republican potential candidates for national office would come to Las...

American Zionists: Why So Much Hate?

Why do so many American Christians hate people halfway around the world that have NOTHING to do with their lives in USA? What is their problem?

The Palestine Agency: Today Not Tomorrow

"Deal of the Century relegates Palestinians as subjects under Israeli colonialism. Time to jump-start the OneState for ALL of its People initiatives, hence the Palestine Agency.

Trump’s Israeli “Deal Of Century” or “Fraud of the Century”?

In few days, President Trump will host Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, Israeli opposition leader Benny Gantz, assorted members of the American Jewish leadership, Israeli loyalists, his rabbis to his private Temple in Florida to announce “the “Deal of the Century.” A deal that is cooked up by Trump’s “Jewish family” to solve the Israeli problem, not the Palestinian-Israeli issue.

America’s Tribalism: Democrats v Republicans

Can we start all over without Democrats and Republicans? I am sick of both