The “Deal of the Century,” and “Oslo Accord” relegate Palestinian as subjects under Israeli colonialism, time to jump-start the OneState for ALL of its People initiative, hence the Palestine Agency.

For over 56 years, the Palestine Liberation Organization with its past chairman (Yasser Arafat) and present Chairman (Mahmoud Abbas) have done irreparable harm and damage to Palestine and the people through incompetence, stupidity, corruption, and mafia-like organization, leading to the crime of the Century Oslo Accord. If Balfour made a promise to the Zionists, then Arafat and Abbas delivered on that promise.

The “Deal of the Century” announced by Bibi Netanyahu and his sidekick Donald Trump began in Oslo when the PLO entered into negotiations leading to a;

  1. full unconditional recognition of the State of Israel.
  2. relinquished East Jerusalem,
  3. rejecting the rights of Return to the Millions of Palestinians exiles
  4. relinquished and ceded full rights to Areas B, C with limited sovereignty over Area A,
  5. agreed to manage, fund and protect the Israeli Occupation
  6. waiving the rights to protect the lives and properties of all Palestinians under Israel and PLO Occupation.

I am acknowledging the fact that the PLO, through the Palestinian Authority, is a partner in the Occupation of what remained of historic Palestine providing administrative and security support to the Israeli military governor in Biet El. The PLO has no future in the OneState.

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