Why do we tolerate such a corrupt, undemocratic, exploitative, elite-dominated system? . . . Isn’t it obvious that we need an alternative economic system that isn’t controlled by corporations, the government, and the central bank for the exclusive benefit of insiders and elites? — Charles Huge Smith[1]

The USA presents us with the Acquiescence Paradox. Unlike such weak aspiring “democracies” as Guatemala or Thailand, no external power forcibly stops the American people from curbing oligarchic excesses.

  • How then did the oligarchs manage to steadily increase their share of power and wealth?
  • How did they gradually rob the vast majority of the world’s people of their possessions and liberties, submerging them in never-ending streams of lies, poisons, debts, and wars, while eroding the biological foundations of life itself?
  • Why don’t the people vote for their convictions and interests?
  • Why do Americans fail to adopt a Swiss-style political system, and thereby save money and live five more years?
  • Why do Americans consent to policies that set their country and the world on a collision course with nature — even though nature bats last?
  • Why do they permit their rulers to engage in a reckless policy of nuclear brinkmanship that might lead to the radioactive incineration of their country?
  • Why do they parrot their government’s outrageous lies about unemployment,[2[ inflation,[3[ war spending,[4[ gold holdings[5] — and everything else?

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