A week ago, the Russian Academy of Science published an analysis by Gordon Duff on the Beirut nuclear attack by Israel.  Yes, the Russian government, which continually censors Duff, decided to publish this.  Their act of publishing this was also a “seal of approval” on the content.  This is not conjecture.

This is very concerning for Israel, that and an award and Nobel nomination that came out of Pakistan.

Moreover, the Russian article also contained a powerful clue about Robert David Steele. Let us present it in its full context, in English:

“What we are asserting is, that using a common “trackback” methodology common to intelligence analysis, these fictional television dramas, based on timing and content, also based on source, evidence things are well known at certain levels in the international community.

Israel uses its nuclear arsenal and its ability to deploy these weapons at will to blackmail the world.

The ability to deploy such weapons is dependent on a virtual army of “deep cover” assets capable of making discussions of state nuclear terrorism unthinkable while diverting the public’s attention to such absurd concerns as “child pedophile facilities on Mars.”

From the Daily Beast, June 30, 2017:

“On Thursday’s program, the InfoWars host welcomed guest Robert David Steele onto The Alex Jones Show, which airs on 118 radio stations nationwide, to talk about kidnapped children he said have been sent on a two-decade mission to space.

‘We actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20-year ride,’ said Steele. ‘So that once they get to Mars, they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony.’”

Steele, a longtime friend, and editor at VT and former CIA clandestine services officer told me that such narratives, though absurd, were to be disseminated in return for promised funding for a presidential run by Steele.

It was Steele’s plan to surround himself with intelligence insiders once elected that could insulate America’s government from certain “destructive influences.” Steele, who promoted vaccine hoaxes as well has since died of COVID-19.

There were several areas in the aforementioned article that caused pain but we were surprised when this turned out to be one of them.

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