Explosive Intel Drop: Washington and Tel-Aviv Plan to Dis-Member Turkey Before Iran

VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff and VT Damascus Bureau Chief Nahed al Husaini report on what's happening in the geopolitical Trump Middle East game.


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor with Nahed al Husaini, VT Damascus

The map above reflects the findings of Russian intelligence, their allies in the US who have totally infiltrated AIPAC/ADL and their cyber intelligence capability.

There is an opening here, one for Israel, now faced with Iranian supremacy over Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States and something more sinister, a large scale US withdrawal from Asia, done by “dark of night.”

America’s carriers are at “station CONUS,” and the air war against ISIS, a Western intel agency proxy force (everyone knows this by now) involves pure drones, no aircraft at all.

Then we have Trump’s bizarre oil theft pronouncements, they went over like a lead balloon. This was said for Europe, of course, quite purposefully, to show them how insane he is. Trump’s policies are based on Chaos Theory, and acting crazy is a part of it.

Everyone knows that as well but, as Trump policies almost universally end up in the toilet, the feigned insanity is suspected to be quite real. Putin, however, is still in Trump’s camp but none of us are privy to why.  The video below (no sound) is from a January 7, 2020 meeting in Damascus.

Where peace could be “around the corner” with Israel and Syria setting up an economic trade corridor and Syria again leveraging Hezbollah, a rudimentary “divide and conquer” plan has instead been put into action by the Deep State.

Whatever one thinks of Trump, not everyone but everyone that counts knows that Trump is surrounded by Christian occultists, Pompeo, Esper, Bolton (gone but not forgotten) and 3 dozen others plus key Senate GOP leaders.

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