Have you ever had the experience of working with a client or a prospect and feeling like they were right in line with you? They were excited about the opportunities, the relationship – and you. I am sure you have.

Have you also ever scratched your head later trying to figure out where all that enthusiasm went? Why they went cold on you or why you can’t seem to get them back into the cycle. That’s normal but preventable.

When you are with a prospect, a friend, or an associate, your energy fills the space. It’s like inflating a balloon. You expand the possibilities and the vision with your offering, your energy, and your presence. It’s awesome! But what happens when you leave?

The pressure on the outside of the balloon becomes greater than it is on the inside and it quickly deflates. Since you are no longer there to keep the balloon full, it collapses. The better your promise of fulfillment – and the bigger the impact you have on the other person – the longer space is held open.

But most of us leave it up to the prospect or another person to call back, show interest, follow up or maintain that excitement. Bad mistake. The physics of that just doesn’t work.

Become a Consistent Communicator

You have to keep the air in that balloon. That means that you schedule the next follow-up call before you end the first call. That means that you create a frequency plan for every account you have. That means you institute a frequency program for your whole database so that you are continually holding open the possibilities.

Send regular offers, enhancements, updates, insights, and anything that adds value to their businesses, careers, or lives.

This isn’t just true for selling, it’s true with everything. If you want to stay motivated, you have to immerse yourself frequently in places where that will happen. Meet with energetic associates, have a hot master-mind group, listen to and attend motivational programs, workout three or four days a week…whatever.

Expand Your Possibilities

This is how training works. The more you repeat, the easier it is to keep the balloon full. The more you enhance your training, the bigger the balloon gets. The possibilities of what you can accomplish increases as well.

Believe me, if you neglect this, the balloon empties. And it’s always harder to initiate blowing up a balloon than it is to add more air to it once it’s somewhat inflated. Some choose to tie a knot in the balloon. They cut off the possibility of new information and new input and become satisfied with the size of the space that they occupy. That is the definition of being ‘old’: Can’t expand, can’t grow, can’t take anything new on if you wanted to… Ultimately that balloon deflates over time, and there is nothing you can do to prevent that because it’s tied shut. Ever met someone like that?

Frequency builds trust, sends a message of consistency and dependability, and creates certainty in a world of chaos. Do you have to ask yourself how many balloons have you partially inflated that have gone flat? What is your plan to keep them inflated?

Look at it this way: Keeping your balloons ‘full’ will not only create a groundswell of life-long supporters, buyers, and fans, but it will change lives as well. Why? Because everybody has tons of challenges, issues, and problems that they have to deal with every day. Pressure and demand is high. Just because you have 10 prospects that you are dealing with, you have to realize that each of them has at least 30 issues of their own that they are juggling and you are only one of them. As the saying goes: Out of sight, out of mind.

What’s in Your Balloon?

Everyone is trying to blow air into that balloon. The question is what are they putting in there? Problems and complaints and demands? You have the gift of giving hope, possibilities, and optimism in a world of ‘yuck.’ If a person is cynical at first, it’s because their balloon is full of ‘yuck.’ Let some of the ‘yuck’ out and put your ‘air’ in. If there is frequency, if you are consistent and if you are adding value, you will win. And so will they.

Remember that the same is true for you.

You Have Four Choices…

  1. You can inflate and deflate: Looks like: high/low/struggle/high/low/struggle
  2. You can let the plight of others inflate you: Get filled with everyone else’s psychosis and problems if you aren’t careful…
  3. You can inflate and tie your balloon: That’s how you get old quick and die slowly…
  4. You can continually inflate yourself through practice, training, and surrounding yourself with the best: Get bigger, stronger, richer, happier, and more confident in who you are… become a magnet for wealth.

The choice is yours.

This message was written by Blair Singer and reposted for your success. Brought to you by HireVeterans.com

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