When Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister, Isabel, was among the first people to place a pre-order for my book Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biographyand when, after it went on sale on Amazon, it began to get bad reviews—I knew something was up.

In the book, I name many people who knew Ghislaine “back in the day”. Many of these people, if you examine them closely, are connected to one nefarious activity or another. Pedophilia, arms smuggling, drug dealing—and even murder. Many of them had their photos and information scrubbed from the internet the moment my book went on sale. I encourage you to dig into the names included. You won’t be disappointed—I wasn’t.

Donald Trump

In Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biography I share the fact that Donald Trump and Robert Maxwell had been long-term friends. Their friendship went back many years. Long before Ghislaine Maxwell moved to New York in 1991 (temporarily) and permanently in 1992.

If you’ve read my book, you know Trump and “Bob” shared many of their professional people. Public relations people, attorneys, etc. I name names and explain who they are. Some, like Roy Cohn’s business partner, remained in the shadows. These people link to others who are connected to the horrifying network of “philanthropists” and “moguls”. TRANSLATION: intelligence sex trafficking of children and other persons.

Donald Trump (above) in 1989 on the Lady Ghislaine yacht with Robert Maxwell (far right). A portrait of Ghislaine wearing a white sweater and jeans hangs in the background. The other two men in the photograph are Senator John Tower (short man with glasses—who Maxwell blackmailed to get access into Sandia Laboratories) and Mike Wallace (Interlochen alumni) and whose name appears Jeffrey Epstein’s black book.

In my latest book “Creating Epstein: Bill Barr, Leslie Wexner & the CIA” I ponder if Mike Wallace taught Ghislaine Maxwell how to operate a submarine—once you read the info I dug up on Wallace—you’ll understand why…

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