An Assault Upon Democracy: Trump Trial, Brexit and Iran Plane Shoot Down

Michael Shrimpton comments on Trump Impeachment, the outrageous Iranian shoot-down of Flight 752 and Britain's forthcoming departure from EU


I entirely agree with President Trump’s very able legal team – the Democrat impeachment process is an assault upon democracy. It’s a naked attempt to reverse the result of the 2016 election and interfere with the 2020 election by taking out a candidate the Dems know they can’t beat.  It’s a democratic disgrace, small ‘d’.

Last week’s report by the Government Accountability Office, a highly partisan, non-independent branch of Congress can safely be ignored. Clearly timed to influence the trial in the Senate its conclusions are junk. How can it be a crime for the executive branch to go under budget on funds allocated by Congress? The GAO is a joke, no offense intended.

Unsurprisingly the focus is now turning towards the dubious circumstances under which Hunter Biden was appointed to the Burisma Board. The Democrats are on shaky ground here and they know it. The population of Pompeii was on the firmer ground back in AD79.

The Democrats are still banging on about Russian hacking of the DNC as though it actually happened. This conspiracy theory was fact-checked over two years ago. The download speed was way too high for a hack. The download had to be done locally, probably onto a portable hard drive.

Moreover, it was done in Eastern time, that is to say not from Russia!

The very fact that this nonsense is still being pushed shows that the Democrats are acting in bad faith. Overblown rhetoric on the Senate floor can’t make up for an absence of evidence of wrong-doing by the President, either over the 2016 election or his dealings with Ukraine.

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