Checklist for Negotiating


  1. Never say “YES” to first offer
  2. The Call Girl Principle: The Value of Services Greatly Diminishes After Those Services Have Been Performed
  3. Always maintain you “walk away power”
  4. Make a big deal of any concession you make, and get a counter-concession for doing so.
  5. Don’t be the first to name a price
  6. Position opponents for easy acceptance
  7. Be the one who writes the contract
  8. Make you offers low but flexible
  9. Never bet the one to offer to “split the difference”. Get your opponent to make the offer to you.
  10. 80% of concessions are made in the last 20% of the time – so don’t leave till later.
  11. The person under the greatest time pressure generally loses in negotiations.
  12. Never reveal it if you have a deadline
  13. Don’t Negotiate on the phone ( you cannot read your opponents body language )
  14. Watch for SUDDEN CHANGES in body language, rather than just the body language itself.


  1. A Smoker lights up or Man unbuttons his jacket: ” I’m relaxed, ready to get down to business.”
  2. Fast Blinking: “I’m very alert” or “I’m lying” or “I’m discomforted” etc.
  3. Tilted head, knuckles under chin: I’m interested. ” Head held straight and /or chin in heel of hand: ” I’m bored”
  4. Tug at Ear: “I want to hear more.”
  5. Scratching Head: I’m uncomfortable with the discussion”
  6. Hand on back of neck, or finger under collar: I’m annoyed
  7. Fiddling with glasses or pipe: “I need more time.”
  8. Object in mouth: ” I need more nourishment”
  9. Eyeglasses taken off, set down on table: I’m shutting you off.”


  1. Statements that mean just the opposite ( “In my humble opinion… “)
  2. Throwaways that precede major announcements ( “By the way, ” As you are aware” )
  3. Legitimizers ( “Honestly,” “Frankly,” )
  4. Justifiers (“I’ll try” )
  5. Erasers ( “But,” “However,”)
  6. Deceptions ( ” I’m just a country boy…”)
  7. Preparers ( “I don’t want to intrude, but….”)
  8. Exaggerators ( ” This is very embarrassing…” )
  9. Trial Balloons ( “Off the top of my head….”)

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