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Referendum In Ukraine: A Historical Context

VT's Jack Heart with Moon Over Alabama go over the Historical Lands of Ukraine and how they relate to today's war

Requiem for a Figurehead: How Oligarchs Control Every Throne on Earth

VT's Jonas Alexis introduces us to E. Michael Jones as he explores the Royal Figureheads and how they work against the interests of the people they represent and how the oligarchs control the real levers of power behind the throne

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How the Mysticism of Newgrange pulled us into its vortex

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould explore the mystical vortex of Newgrange

Part II: The Ku Klux Klan, Irish Catholics, and White Trash

The “white identity” ideology that is being embraced by people like Kevin MacDonald and Jared Taylor is historically unsustainable and incoherent.

National Socializing: The Art of a Pagan Ancestry

VT's Mike Kay says "The greatest advisors of the modern world today do nothing more than lobby for genocide and totalitarian devastation. The world is lost" Find out more...

Putin says The New World Order Worships Satan

Putin’s reference to Satanism was a pointed rebuke to the New World Order elites...