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VT's Jan Westh reports from the front lines

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, left, speaks to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, during a signing ceremony following their talks in Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday, Aug 19, 2019. Netanyahu said he plans to discuss ways to expand trade between Israel and Ukraine during the talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. ( AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)


by Jan Westh

When Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych decided in November 2013 to shelve the decision on a cooperation agreement with the EU, this decision was followed by the immediate occupation of Maidan Square in Kyiv by protesters. These protesters, more or less armed, were then able to push through a coup d’état in early 2014.

A question that arises in retrospect is whether these “protesters” represented the great crowd, or whether it can be seen largely as a fruit of the Nazi propaganda fed by the CIA since 1954. Well, in 2004 the CIA got the EU on board and this US-led European organization was then able to spend 496 million euros in support of “front groups” such as e.g. Right Sector,

The CIA, which from 1954 had a focus on Ukraine certainly did not work blindly but had as its goal a strong neo-Nazi unit that could undermine Russian influence with the goal, of a power shift. Crimea in particular had been very desirable to the Jews ever since 1945 when a destitute Stalin came close to selling the entire peninsula to Jewish bankers (Sudoplatov, 1994). This suggests that the CIA was under Zionist domination and could fall back on the words of the Jewish ideologue Brzezinski, “whether you are a Nazi or a jihadist does not matter, as long as you fight Russia”.

Part of the Jewish Center of Dnepropetrovsk

Brzezinski’s words show the racism that you cannot close your eyes to if you want to understand the Ukrainian crisis. So could e.g. politician B. Filatov talk about: “Russian idiots who really do not understand why we are ready to kill them”(K.F. Ipatyev 2014).

Or when visiting Maidan activists in Odessa were able to lock pro-Russian protesters in the union house, burn more than a hundred of them inside and scream; “let the devils burn.” Perhaps our own Prime Minister should have thought about that racism thing before he received the racist President Poroshenko while he completely distances himself from Putin.

But there were also other forces working for a coup d’état. The worldwide Jewish organization Chabad-Lubawitch had a very strong center in Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine. In a writing published on May 28, 2014, with the title, Re-Build Khazaria in Ukraine by K.F.Ipatyev, one can clearly see that the meaning of the Maidan coup was not only political – a religious overthrow would take place in secret. A politician in the said city B. Filatov announced the project, “Jewish Kyiv”, and the powerful oligarch I. Kolomoyski, who is also an Israeli citizen, confirmed Chabad’s ultimate goal, “to build in Ukraine a new state,

The promised Land, the new Zion”, (K.F. Ipatye

They got a long way because several of the leaders in the coup were Zionists and soon they began to speak openly in these circles that they could forget about Israel and instead wait for the Messiah on Ukrainian soil. Yes, they even started changing the name Ukraine to Khazaria. Here then I must tell you briefly about the country of Khazaria because our educated historians and teachers tasked with teaching the subject of history never dared to put that word in their mouths.

Khazaria was a medieval trading nation that existed for about 300 years but was annihilated in the 11th century. It was located in southern Russia and also included the Crimean Peninsula.

The strange thing about this state formation, where the inhabitants consisted of Tatars, Turks, and also Indo-Europeans, was that sometime during the 8th century it underwent such a strong religious change to Judaism, that the whole country was then referred to as Jewish. The inhabitants then came to be called Ashkenazim Jews and they came throughout history to populate large parts of Eastern Europe.

It is estimated that 80 – 90% of the world’s Jews are Ashkenazi. However, modern Jews have completely distanced themselves from this exact description of history and instead claimed that they have their roots in Palestine, to legitimize their claim to that land.

Khazaria at its height in the ninth century

This suddenly changed in the run-up to 2014 when it appeared that Ukraine would be “vacated”. An Israeli commission consisting of historians had, on behalf of the government, investigated the issue of Jewish debt from Khazaria. the results were presented in a secret report which, however, was somehow leaked to the Israeli correspondents Hirsh Ostropoler and I.Z. Grosser-Spass was able to report the results in The Times of Israel 16.3. 2014. Historians proved that the majority of Jews have their roots in Khazaria, and thus not in Palestine.

“The evidence that eastern and central European Jews have no historical claim to Palestine has resulted in a flurry of activity in Israel and abroad. However, some Israelis and Jews abroad are not taking any chances. One of the main reasons why billionaire tycoon Ihor Kolomoisky, the governor of Dnipropetrovsk province, is spending tens of millions of dollars on the recruitment of right-wing Ukraine nationalists and neo-Nazis from another part of Europe to fight against the Russian-speaking majority in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, is a fear that plans to turn Ukraine into a “second Israel” will be derailed.” (Wayne Madsen, 2014).

Birds of a Feather Flock Together with a dose of cash bribes and power arm-twisting threats

Back to The Times of Israel:

“The anonymous Netanyahu aide is also quoted by The Times of Israel journalists as revealing why the Israeli government is making a play for a large Israeli settlement in Ukraine: ” As the Prime Minister has said, no one will tell Jews where they may or may not live on the historic territory of their existence as a sovereign people. He is willing to make painful sacrifices for peace, even if that means giving up part of our biblical homeland in Judea and Samaria.

But then you have to expect us to exercise our historical rights somewhere else. We decided this will be on the shores of the Black Sea, where we were an autochthonous people for more than 2000 years. Even the great non-Zionist historian Simon Dubnow said we have the right to colonize Crimea. It’s all in the history books. You can look it up” (Wayne Madsen, 2014).

A belated Christmas greeting from the Parliament of Ukraine, Radan (photo Sputnik)

Sad for Netanyahu and his supporters, that Putin managed to take Crimea back before Israel occupied the island.. Or as Ipatyev put it: “Putin was faster, leaving no chance to the Kolomoyski junta nor their Chabad bosses.” (K.F. Ipatyev, 2014) No, it didn’t go very well, the only thing that the CIA and its clients succeeded exceptionally well in was its ability to convince Western politicians and the mainstream that Russia was the real cause of this Ukrainian catastrophe.

The reality today looks like this: Forty million Ukrainians are brought to the brink of hell by a junta consisting of the USA, Israel, NATO, and the EU. There they are left without help.


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