In December 2016 when Donald Trump bragged that the child rape lawsuit brought against him (below) was dismissed, he was correct.  It was dismissed because Ghislaine Maxwell testified that the accusations made were false.

Now Maxwell faces prison for, among other things, lying in the 2015-2016 “Jane Doe” lawsuit against Trump and Epstein, which cleared Trump of potential criminal charges for child rape and allowed him to assume the presidency.

Now he is no longer cleared.

The documents below, starting with page 10 of the indictment, tie Donald Trump to Epstein and Maxwell’s crimes.  Mentioned, or rather not mentioned but referred to as “other,” there are clear references to those who are not charged.

The reason is clear as well.  The testimony that would have indicted Trump didn’t exist, not because Trump didn’t rape kids but because Maxwell, as outlined in the indictment, lied in civil cases including one cited in the indictment which included charges of child rape against both Trump and Epstein.

The indictment is purposefully hazy in outlining Maxwell’s false testimony in civil cases where she is now charged with lying.  It was Maxwell’s lies that got a 2015 case dismissed that accused Trump and Epstein of child rape. (see case filings below)

No information on the case was given in the indictment other than an untraceable docket number.  However, and this is included below in the comprehensive list of Maxwell cases in which she may have been questioned, there was only one case that fit the indictment which cited her 2016 testimony and that was the Jane Doe rape by Trump and Epstein.

This ties it up completely and all required is here.  Why has no one else bothered?

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