Recently the Coronavirus Pandemic has shined a spotlight on many of the issues our global economy has been facing for the past decade. While it’s been a mission creep, I believe that things must change for us to survive. And when I say “us”. I mean the working class with no savings, no equity, and no safety net.

The world has become overpopulated and competition for quality jobs too fierce as the number of those jobs is slowly shrinking and disappearing thanks to automation. For example, Uber has already come out and said that when autonomous cars hit the market it will no longer need drivers.

This kind of massive change that is coming will lead to more widespread unemployment much like the virus is doing right now. But why worry about that now? You may be asking. Well, when you hear a fire alarm you don’t just stand there. No, you get moving and get the hell out of that burning building. Right now the signs are alarming in America. A healthcare system that is not prepared, slow indecisive government action and an unprepared populace is a recipe for The Great Depression 2.0.

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