After the arrest of the British ambassador during a protest, Trump’s Tweet pro-riot in Farsi

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for Vt Italy

On Friday afternoon I exchanged some opinions on the killing of General Qassem Soleimani with a Roman acquaintance, fasting in geopolitics but a close friend of some citizens of Iranian origin. He told me something surprising and disconcerting for me.

The belief that the head of the Quds Forces, the hero, and martyr of the IRGC Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, has been assassinated thanks to a plot among the US and conspiracy occult of Iran itself.

This mere assumption, the result of simple coffee talk and devoid of any minimum objective feedback, seemed to me not only unfounded, improbable and even ridiculous enough to have immediately blamed the naivety of the interlocutor… Until Saturday morning!

Until the Iranian authorities made “mea culpa” after they admitted the shooting down of the Boeing 737 of the Ukrainian Airlines flight PS 752, however giving a great lesson in style, honor, and sincerity to the whole West. Ustica Massacre

Italy, in fact, still wonders after 40 years on the mysterious missile that hit the DC9 Itavia on June 27, 1980, causing it to shipwreck with 81 victims in the sea near Ustica.

Sweden and the Nations are still searching for the truth about the massacre of the flight that on 18 September 1961 was carrying the former UN secretary, Dag Hammarskjold, to the Congo, who died together with 14 people among diplomatic officers and crew, probably following a missile attack. U.N. Secretary Killed

Fact remains that Tehran has really made too many mistakes in too few days!

Too many mistakes for a paramilitary organization such as that of the Iranian Pasdaran (or IRGC), annexed to the Iranian Armed Forces, which for decades has been feared and respected throughout the world for its strategic strength and war power.

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