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Putin’s Sledgehammer

The United Nations says Ukraine’s electricity and water shortages threaten a humanitarian disaster this winter as Putin continues his march forward

Russia Denies Striking Poland: “The Missile that Struck Przewodow was not Russian”. Confirmed by NATO

The deadly explosion in Poland on Tuesday night was “likely caused” by a Ukrainian air defense missile but Russia carries the “ultimate responsibility” for the incident, Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday

UKRAINE WAR ANALYSIS: UN Expert on Self-Determination, Referenda and Rights of Minorities

Alfred de Zayas, appointed by the U.N. Human Rights Council speaks out on Ukraine

Learn How the CIA Created a Fake Western Reality for ‘Unconventional Warfare’

Part 3 of The Universal Empire: A Four-Part Series from VT's Fitzgerald and Gould

Russian Blames UK Royal Navy for Nord Stream Sabotage

VT's Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio reports on Russia and Ukraine.

Russo-Ukrainian War Update: Things Not going well for Russia?

VT's Michael Shrimpton reports from the UK on what's going on with Ukraine and Russia, Hear what he's got to say

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On This Tragic Day in 1947, U.N. Votes for Partition of Palestine

76 years ago, war, conflict, murder, death, and struggle were put forth by the United Nations on this day in 1947. A complete and utter failure, the world still suffers the consequences of that vote as more than 6 million Indigenous people in Palestine live in refugee camps, squalor, and suffer the indignities of being oppressed by another racist bigoted violent European colonizer.

Is NATO Falling Apart or Morphing Into a New World Order?

VT's Jonas Alexis explores NATO for 2023