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VT caught this in the Guardian yesterday; election interference by MI 6, through the Guardian.  Today, Bernie Sanders made an attempt to redress. 
VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff explores Trump and U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo's desire to engage in the state-sponsored assassination of global leaders.
VT Writer Gilad Atzmon explores the failure of the Labour Party
VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff goes unfiltered in expressing his views on impeachment
Epstein's two islands, Great St. James and Little St. James, will be renamed "New Judea" and "New Samaria."  
VT Senior Editor Kevin Barrett appears on PressTV discussing the killing of Iranian General Soleimani by Trump
The US Secretary of State made an unexpected statement, from which it follows that Washington is ready to “attack Russia” in the same way as it did with Iran when it “liquidated” General Kassem Suleimani.