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Is the center of this world pandemic in Arizona?
What roles are China, WHO, CIA and Pentagon playing in addressing COVID-19?
White House Hiding Death Figure?
There are key pieces to this story missing, like why were not the Guaido opposition people not rounded up who would have been part of any feasible attempt to take Maduro down?
Did Pentagon Run Bat Research Lab in the Caucuses have something to do with COVID-19?
Research to create COVID 19 began in the United States in 2006 and culminated in a successful bio-weapon in 2015, with work done at the University of North Carolina and at Harvard and at the Food and Drug Administration’s lab in Arkansas. Proof Provided
Every day, we are being bombarded by sensationalized numbers and analyzes. Until, it feels, at least occasionally, the COVID-19-watching has become some sort of a new type of entertainment, at least for millions, many millions, if not billions, of people. Not unlike disaster-watching; like an obsession with typhoons, earthquakes, or tsunamis. Or, a fascination with wars (why else would Washington’s adventurism be allowed to continue, almost unopposed?). Or, should we say, football and other sports?
Does Trump belong on Mount Rushmore?
This crisis is a lesson to the entire world that we need to address the problem of biological weapons.
VT's Kevin Barrett speaks out on PressTV.
Hans Myrebro writes on "brain-dead" aggression policy in Middle East conducted by USA and NATO according to Israel's wishes crushing the Arab states. EU is also carrying a major responsibility in this unholy alliance causing enormous human suffering in form of destruction and a refugee catastrophe.
Some say coronavirus fears exaggerated, some say it will "kill millions and crater world economy." Pepe Escobar thinks it's US Bio War on China. Who's right? Join VT's Kevin Barrett on FFWN to find out...

Crimea: A Jewish Republic?

Part I: After one hundred million victims its time to celebrate
“Occasionally it might be a good idea to be honest about American foreign policy, and that includes the fact that America has overthrown governments all over the world in Chile and Guatemala in Iran.”
Imagine that, the truth for once! Sanders says he would weigh moving US embassy back to Tel Aviv if elected
Jerusalem Post spreading lies again...
Sanders committing heresy in the American political religion by questioning huge giveaways to military-industrial complex and to the very richest Americans.
Weinstein, Trump, Epstein and the army around them represent something none of us will survive. Find out more...
U.S Presidential Candidate/Senator Bernie Sanders and his movement want more social programs for lower classes. Trump Party wants less for them and more for the corporatocracy. What say you?

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