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VT Writer Robert David Steele says President Donald Trump is a genius. The “new” Palestine Peace Plan is a promising first step toward the restoration of Palestine
Time to Get Very Serious About Real Long-Term Success for The Middle East and its Citizens
In a riveting performance before the US Senate gallery this morning, Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz mounted a spirited defense of his new client, Donald J. Trump. Flourishing a badly stained and noticeably noisome pair of men’s Fruit-of-the-Loom underwear at the astonished senators, Dershowitz boldly intoned: “THESE are the only briefs I need to convince you to acquit the President.”
UK Government not bothered. After all, Israel is our friend, has an unquestionable right to exist, shares our values, has a right to defend herself, mustn’t be punished even for war crimes and crimes against humanity, can carry on tramping Palestinians underfoot….
Trump prefers to kiss Netanyahu’s ass as opposed to solving the problems that decent Americans are actually facing. No doubt that most people who voted for him are now running away from him.
"Deal of the Century relegates Palestinians as subjects under Israeli colonialism. Time to jump-start the OneState for ALL of its People initiatives, hence the Palestine Agency.
Kevin Barrett and Mike Springmann Throw Rotten Fruit at the Naked Eretz Israeli Predators posing as Peacemakers
Pilot likely worked for Intelligence CIA
VT Writer Fabio examines the weird bizarre deal to fulfill the demented and insane dream of Eretz-Israel at the expense of humanity.
We must decide if we’re going to follow our innate God-given reason or the damaging nonsense of the Jewish clergymen who wrote the Bible.
America has entered a "constitutional crisis!
by Asif Haroon Raja Manzoor Mehsud, hailing from a humble background in South Waziristan (SW), was an unknown figure till the killing of Naqibullah Mehsud in January 2018 at the hands of police squad led by SSP Rao Anwar. He initiated nonviolent movement under the name of Mehsud Tahafuz Movement demanding arrest of killers of Naqibullah. Once he gained prominence, guided...
Center for American Progress issues Statement on Trump's Israeli Middle East Plan
“Ayatollah Mike” Michael D'Andrea Killed in Plane Shot Down!
Crew said to include CIA, NSA and high ranking military
Iranian intelligence and others, ISI, India's RAW are flocking to the area to bid for seized intelligence.  All are equally hated by local resistance leaders
Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent who set-up Orbis Business Intelligence and compiled a dossier on Donald Trump, fabricated Russiagate.
In few days, President Trump will host Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, Israeli opposition leader Benny Gantz, assorted members of the American Jewish leadership, Israeli loyalists, his rabbis to his private Temple in Florida to announce “the “Deal of the Century.” A deal that is cooked up by Trump’s “Jewish family” to solve the Israeli problem, not the Palestinian-Israeli issue.
The website of the most important, reliable and followed Iranian news agency was blocked by the US on Sunday 26 January and since then starts a real cyber-war between Iranian and American experts.
Dante put usury and sodomy on equal footing in hell, making the point that both activities are contrary to nature. Both activities, according to Dante, are sterile intercourse, and both have the potential to destroy nations and people.

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