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The “Irish Aid – Government of Ireland” logos are clearly visible among the debris of broken solar panels, children’s belongings and destroyed tents, marking items donated to the Palestinian families by a European Union umbrella group.
This story focuses on Covid's major entry point, inhaling air with virus droplets where it has its easiest point of entry into the cells lining of your nasal passages.
After massive internet outrage – outrage that was called "cancel culture" today in a rant from Trump Jr. – Senator Cruz hightailed it back to America from his Cancun crash pad at the Ritz Carlton
We have all been here before, talk of peace in Libya, only to see domestic or outside actors and influences, or both, scuttle the process. But we appear to be closer now than ever.
Proud Boys and Oath Keepers have done a great job in Texas..as the turds have clearly overtaken the punchbowl
Rush profited immensely getting super-rich off his vulnerable audience who he drove into crazed frenzies with his sexist, homophobic and racist remarks.
Google and News Corp. strike a deal. Google will start paying Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. for the use of its journalism in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.
The GOP is like a constantly evolving crime scene, hard to keep up with the criminal activity.
Dominion sent letters to Lindell in December and January demanding that he retract false claims about their machines. Instead, the MyPillow CEO doubled down.
Israeli policies enacted during the Trump regime violate US protocols for arms sales and aid, particularly the "Jewish Nation State law" which deeply parallels South Africa's apartheid pass laws.  
Gordon Duff and Jim Dean of VT were asked to submit an investigation outline for General Honore' and Speaker Pelosi and did so in late January 2021.
There was 1 civilian contractor killed, 5 civilian contractors injured and 1 US service member injured.
In a press conference held today in Moscow via video conferencing, Klimov said, that the Syrian people have the right to protect their interests and decide their own fate.
I am still waiting for someone to pose the need for a UN formation style conference about ending interference in the affairs of other countries in the pursuit of economic domination.
From what I saw at all the main door crashings, the use of lethal force could have stopped it.
This report by the Lancet Commission on Public Policy and Health in the Trump Era assesses the repercussions of President Donald Trump's health-related policies and examines the failures and social schisms that enabled his election. The commission said Trump “brought misfortune to the USA and the planet” during his four years in office.
Understanding what was said between Trump and Putin could help illuminate whether Trump ever revealed sensitive information or struck any deals with the Kremlin leader that could take the new administration by surprise.
Former President Trump's administration is under fire for hindering the government's pandemic response, and rolling back Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) coronavirus mitigation guidelines in an effort to protect his interests.
“Another legal victory for Iran,” Zarif tweeted Wednesday, adding that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) “dismissed all US preliminary objections in the case brought by Iran over unlawful US sanctions.”
“The oath I took to the constitution compelled me to vote for impeachment'. - Liz Cheney
Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a big round of disapproval applause for THE NEW Q-PARTY of AMERICA; a party living in a failed past.
The Republicans were caught in a pickle, facing a threat spectacle of the Senate impeachment trial that might enshrine their being viewed as the Banana Republicans.
The Southern District of New York continues its investigation of Donald Trump for various crimes, which may include tax evasion or other types of fraud.
We would all learn a lot just by watching E. Michael Jones watching They Live.
Bill Krsitol teams up with other Republicans to save the party from the Trump insurrectionists.
It is going to take years to prosecute all of the Trump era criminal cases, so getting full operational control over the DoJ is critical.
Some waited hours for vaccination appointments but no one would stand up to armed terrorists
The move follows consternation on Capitol Hill over former President Donald Trump’s arms deals with Middle Eastern countries, including the UAE fighter sale.
History might view this Trump to Biden change of government as that of the Vandals to the Age of Enlightenment.
In the Intel world these are known as "stay behinds", people in low enough positions to not be high profile, but also close enough to what is going on.
The ghost of Donald Trump will cast a long shadow over American politics
As a top priority, Vice President Harris should put her lawyer hat on once again and lead, together with Congress, a reform of the FBI legal standards on terrorism.
Biden administration is planning to rehabilitate diplomatic relations with the Palestinians.
Have you reached the stage where you dread going into work every day because you’re no longer getting job satisfaction?
Many veterans find themselves unsure what to do with their lives after service, which can be frustrating and challenging to adapt to civilian life.
Host Dan Yaseen chats up with David Swanson.
Acting AG Rosen had refused to give in to the demand, telling Trump that launching such probes required evidence of election fraud which did not exist.
DeVos was terrible at her job and knew nothing about public schools. That was exactly what the far right wanted.
Trump's last few months in office brought thousands more US troops to Syria in a full scale war to restore the ISIS caliphate, now clearly controlled by Israel and Saudi Arabia
Biden administration’s new strategy is based around seven major goals, including restoring public trust in government efforts

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