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We have a clear picture of how Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 came to its tragic fate. Join VT Reporter Ian Greenhalgh as he investigates the mystery that is Flight PS752
Canada, France, and US have declined Iran's request to help extract data from the black box of the Ukrainian plane! Why?
VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff and VT Damascus Bureau Chief Nahed al Husaini report on what's happening in the geopolitical Trump Middle East game.
VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff examines the crumbling U.S. Military
VT Investigative Reporter Robert David Steele examines the charge that the doomed flight was a false flag operation designed to get leverage over Iran
The Syrian people can no longer endure the US sanctions, and solutions must be found
VT Senior Editors Gordon Duff and Kevin Barrett blow away the alleged "evidence" to back Trump's claim that Iran was planning to attack American Embassies
Warmongers and ethnic cleansers in Washington have always looked for opportunities to create chaos...are they doing it again? VT writer Jonas Alexis takes a look...
Shooting down the Ukrainian plane in Tehran's airspace last week means Israeli Ben Gurion Airport will be closed in the next war
VT writer Ian Greenhalgh goes deep into the doomed flight of Ukraine International Airlines PS752 between Tehran and Kiev shining light on a very dark event
VT Author Michael Shrimpton makes some predictions for 2020, dismantles Iran's absurd claim to have confused Flight 752 with a cruise missile and reviews Sir Sam Mendes' stunning new movie, 1917.
The dust is settling on what really happened during the Iran response to Soleimani assassination. We had thought that the US would refrain a bit from falling back on its standard "We will tell you whatever version that you choose as to what happened."
Trump has not just declared war on immigrants, Iran, etc. but most importantly he has declared his hatred of the American people
Suspicions of internal conspiracies in Tehran: too many intelligence holes and military errors culminated in the massacre of UIA flight PS752
VT Author Jack Heart goes Southbound to find out what's really going in TrumpLandia!
A missile fired by an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) base brought down Ukrainian flight PS752. We also know that it was no accident!
Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh disclosed several US aircraft were constantly flying over Syria and Iraq were under IRGC’s control
US attack on Iran is NOT being done to please Israel. This is Trump and his band of US war hawks, period.
Why all this smoke and fire, wrath and violence? Were your lives, before the so-called “protests”, or “riots”, really so dismal?
Abby Martin sits down with Dan Kovalik, human rights attorney and author of the book "The Plot to Attack Iran," to discuss the context of Trump's recent attacks, the most common myths about the country, and the history of US plots.

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