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Our fellow citizens are not the enemy, and must never become so
The editorial staff of VT fully supports General Allen's message and asks that it be sent to all member of the military, active, reserve, guard and veteran-retiree-disabled
Charges filed against 6 APD officers after college students tased, pulled from the car during Atlanta protests
VT has carefully examined video in Detroit, Atlanta and Minneapolis and has found members of organizations, Pentagon contracting firms, present at each protest, handing fire bombs, throwing large rocks, and leading the violence.
Protesters say Proud Boys are the most violent, waiting for Trump to call them Terrorist...and wondering who is directing and paying them
Homecoming is an Amazon series directed by Mr. Robot's Sam Esmail. It has all the feel of Mr. Robot but with a different spin. It's like MR. Robot meets "Get Out".
Where Are They Now: It's 2030, what happened to Former U.S. President Donald Trump?
Ann Coulter does an about-face on The Donald, her Savior-In-Chief
Expect Julian Assange to disappear. Right now, Power is running scared trying to cover up the inexorable fact that Russiagate is now Israelgate
Apache helicopters of the US occupation forces flew low Sunday morning, according to residents of the Adla village, in the Shaddadi countryside, south of Hasaka, as they dropped ‘thermal balloons’, an incendiary weapon, causing the wheat fields to explode into flames while the hot dry winds fanned the raging fire.
Get your Monster Energy Drink Out Of The Fridge Because Guns Akimbo Has Arrived!
Has extreme capitalism gone awry?
Trump: “I don’t own the company” but Jared Kushner does
Under the "50 years rule", disturbing de-classified video released by U.S. Government
Pandemic 2020 exposed a gangrenous limb, the stench of which has only been hidden through and equally exposes gangrenous strangling of truth
Hollywood actress Mayim Bialik sparks deep scientific look at DNA and its use by DNA testing companies to claim race and ethnicity.
Is the center of this world pandemic in Arizona?
What roles are China, WHO, CIA and Pentagon playing in addressing COVID-19?
White House Hiding Death Figure?

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