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Today, many players prefer online casinos since they allow them to play their favorite casino game while still receiving the same excitement without leaving their homes. This virtual amusement is rising because all respectable gambling sites are secured and convenient. Furthermore, most of them have partnered with various software providers to give a diverse selection of high-quality online games. As...
Global leaders Cathie Wood of Ark Invest and Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy spoke at the Bitcoin Conference this week giving their outlooks on the future of Bitcoin and how its' changing the world.
Today, Google sent out a notice to PUBLISHERS via email effectively enacting economic censorship against those who go against the “mainstream”.  Here’s what they sent out
political analyst Ian Bremmer takes a closer look at the global implications of the war, including NATO’s and the EU’s renewed sense of purpose, the spiral of escalation, energy politics and the significant, potentially permanent shifts in the world order.
The political future of Syria is being decided by Russia, Turkey, and Iran, with no useful input from the United States at all. Author Jonas Alexis takes a deep dive into the subject to find out if the USA still has the juice to move the world?
Anthony Pompliano rings the final bell as Worlds Reserve Currency is under siege by Russia and China