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Atzmon served in the IDF during the 1982 conflict, a paramedic, but has noted that he is more than a bit uncomfortable with Israel's policies. I feel much that way about the United States. Gil is joining like minded people from more than a few countries.
Accredited Surety and Casualty Company partners with HireVeterans.com
Salute Our Heroes™: Veterans Career Fair and Job Expo Interview for unprecedented job opportunities at the fourth annual Salute Our Heroes™: Veterans Career Fair and Job Expo providing former servicemen and women and spouses of active-duty military personnel with unprecedented job opportunities and career seminars. Presented by The New York Times and Monster in partnership with leading veterans organizations and government...
New Pin Up Girl Works for Troops
60 Minutes Story Incomplete: TF20 Member First To Extract Saddam Confessions and Mistakes
VA Offers Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loans of existing VA Home Loans
Job Search Mechanics: Getting Immediate Results with a Job Hunting Strategy Plan

Who’s Online in the U.S.A.?

The net is growing! Watch Out USA!
You cannot keep secrets anymore, at least online!
When we are not true to ourselves, we do not learn our limitations or our strengths.

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