Putin Has a Big Brother in Xi

Russia has core concerns regarding Ukraine, further NATO expansion, and placement of missiles within range of sensitive sites in Russia

Book Review: The Death of Nazi Germany Exposes Horrific Treatment of German Women after WWII

This shockingly explicit review of one of the most outspoken books about Allied atrocities against postwar Germany is not for the squeamish.

The Sinister Convergence of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset with Vatican and Liberation Theology

By F. William Engdahl Amid the 2020 global covid lockdowns and economic dislocations it has caused, Klaus Schwab, a previously low-profile founder of a Swiss-based...

This Christmas remember how Israel desecrated the Church of the Nativity

Nearly 20 years ago Israeli occupation troops viciously murdered innocent civilians inside and outside Christianity’s oldest church

America’s Enemies Begin War on Ghost of RDS

Veterans Today contributor caught in an international web of political chaos

When The Khazarian Mafia Ghosted Robert Edmundson

There is no reference to Robert Edmundson or photo of him on the Internet.

Is Europe is Becoming the New Middle East?

Are Washington’s satellites striving to cut Russia off from the final buyer, the most profitable gas market, and deprive it of long-term contracts?

Was Beirut’s Destruction a Saudi-Israeli Preemptive Attack?

Israel uses its nuclear arsenal and its ability to deploy these weapons at will to blackmail the world.

Are Turkey, Israel and the NY Times Complicit in Syrian Narcotics Trade?

Gordon Duff and VT Expose Middle Eastern US Drug Trade

Are Israeli’s using Spyware to hack US State Department Phones?

State Department employees based in Uganda or elsewhere in East Africa were targeted over several months

INFLATION: Is there a Murderous Maniac Engineering US Inflation Woes?

Saudi Arabia is withholding oil production because Biden won’t meet with Mohammed bin Salman after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

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The Slaughter of the Free Word In Israel

Al-Jazeera TV broadcaster Shireen Abu Akleh is the latest international journalist to be murdered by the State of Israel without any condemnation by the United States of America

Homeland Security hiring surge expected with potential new bill

A new potential bill could spark a massive hiring surge by the US Homeland Security. If this new bipartisan bill is passed at least...

Is Disney World Moving from Florida to Guadalajara Mexico?

Florida's War Against Americans Now Includes Disney World, an Icon of American Culture

Christian Nationalism Exposed: PROJECT BLITZ aims to Reverse Decades of Christianity Being Used by Toxic Nationalists for Political Agendas in USA

SOURCE:  Christians against Christian Nationalism BJC · Ep. 01: Christian Leaders On Christian Nationalism Editor's note: Anyone who has ever ridden a horse can understand the...