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Johnny Punish is the founder and owner of VT.  He is also a writer, global citizen eco-activist, visionary, musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist.  Punish was educated at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (1980-81) and California State University Fullerton (1981-1984) with studies in accounting and business. Before the "internets" had been invented, he owned and ran (5) national newspapers in the United States of America from 1987-1998 Punish has over 100 original songs written. He records and produces music. A member of ASCAP, Punish has several songs placed in feature films. His music is promoted worldwide and played on all digital networks and net radio. Resources:  YouTube - Apple Music - SoundCloud - Spotify - Instagram - Twitter Read Johnny's Full Bio at JohnnyPunish.com >>>

The Death of White Supremacy and the New Q-Party of America

Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a big round of disapproval applause for THE NEW Q-PARTY of AMERICA; a party living in a failed past.

Remembering Jeanne Carmen, Queen of the B-Movies and 50’s Pin Up Girl

Jeanne Carmen was one of the last great Hollywood broads, a certified member of the Rat Pack – dating Sinatra on and off for decades, and was a dangerously close friend of Marilyn Monroe.

Trump’s Poker Game: What is going on?

TRUMP knows he is in deep multi-dimensional legal jeopardy and this defines his every action. Will power let him off the hook?

Should the United States of America Break-up into Two Countries?

Should USA Breakup? Given the current state of affairs, it is a legitimate question.

TOP 4 Evidence-Based Reasons Donald Trump is Racist

VT's Johnny Punish brings the Evidence and Facts on Trumps' Long History of Racism

Honor and Heroes: USA is About To Tell Us Who It Really Is

VT Author Johnny Punish takes a deep look at HONOR and why its absence in the narrative of what it means to be the United States of America is critical.

Christopher Columbus: A Trump Supporter?

Happy Columbus Day America! Are you celebrating yet? Do you think Columbus is a great man or a mythological creation of history to support conquest? Would he be a Trump Supporter? Let's find out!

TRUMP COVID-19 FAILURE! I Demand Trump Resign Immediately!

When called to lead, Donald Trump Failed! Period! Failure Deserves No Reward

COVID-19: Still Out of Control

Self-Quarantined at home; angry, depressed, and pissed, I wrote this song called OUT OF CONTROL as a way to deal with all of this disruption.

So What’s Really Wrong With U.S. News Media?

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 has completely failed the American Public. It is time for a new deal.

75 Years Ago: USA Obliterates Hiroshima Erasing Over 100,000 Human Beings with One Atomic...

Today is the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Attack on Japan by the United States of America; an attack that vaporized and deleted over 100,000 people. There is NOTHING to celebrate here.

DATELINE 2030: Former U.S. President Donald Trump Gets Married, Moves to North Korea

Where Are They Now: It's 2030, what happened to Former U.S. President Donald Trump?

Exploring Judaism: Religion, Race or Nationality?

Hollywood actress Mayim Bialik sparks deep scientific look at DNA and its use by DNA testing companies to claim race and ethnicity.

LEADERSHIP: George Washington vs. Donald Trump

Does Trump belong on Mount Rushmore?

Socialism: Is America Having the Correct Public Debate?

U.S Presidential Candidate/Senator Bernie Sanders and his movement want more social programs for lower classes. Trump Party wants less for them and more for the corporatocracy. What say you?

1917: A Punishing Review of the World War I Epic Movie up for...

1917 is a bittersweet trip into the bowels of human hell.

Will Trump Launch Violent Civil War by End of Year?

USA is one spark away from a complete violent breakdown

Evangelical Christian “Leaders” Cheer when Trump Jesus laughs at Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Trump Jesus Mocks the Real Jesus at Phony Prayer Breakfast

Can Trump’s Peace in Middle East Plan be Fulfilled?

Every Palestinian, according to DNA tests, has more rights to the land than the Israelis of today

De-Classfied Doc Exposes Israeli Plot to Steal Arab Lands Using Terror and Martial Law

Between 1948 and 1966, over 150,000 Arabs living within Israel’s post-independence borders were governed by military rule, faced curfews, travel restrictions, and the threat...