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Johnny Punish is the founder and owner of VT.  He is also a writer, global citizen eco-activist, visionary, musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist.  Punish was educated at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (1980-81) and California State University Fullerton (1981-1984) with studies in accounting and business. Before the "internets" had been invented, he owned and ran (5) national newspapers in the United States of America from 1987-1998 Punish has over 100 original songs written. He records and produces music. A member of ASCAP, Punish has several songs placed in feature films. His music is promoted worldwide and played on all digital networks and net radio. Resources:  YouTube - Apple Music - SoundCloud - Spotify - Instagram - Twitter Read Johnny's Full Bio at JohnnyPunish.com >>>

Profiteer Kanye West: Shrewd Right Wing Anti-Semitic White Nationalist or Mentally Deranged Fool?

Billionaire Kanye West Goes Public with His Violent Anti-Jewish Bigotry, Adidas Cuts Ties, More Coming

Was Hitler the Real Founding Father of Israel?

Hitler's Transfer Agreement helped German Jews emigrate to Palestine

World Government Slowed by Acute Infection of Reactionary Nationalism

VT's Johnny Punish takes a look at the long game for globalization and the creation of a world government

On This Day in 1814, Francis Scott Key pens The Racist “Star-Spangled Banner”?

Was White Supremacist Slave Owner and Anti-Abolitionist Lawyer Francis Scott Key a Racist?  Is the Song Racist?  Is this Song almost impossible to technically sing?  

Was Trump Meddling at DOJ to Exact Revenge on Enemies, Increase Profits?

The allegations of political motivation are in a new book by the former U.S. attorney in Manhattan, Geoffrey S. Berman.

Trump vs. Hitler: A Concise Serious Comparison

A student of the Hitler era, Trump mastered many of his techniques. But was he just like Hitler? Let's take a serious look.

Investigating Palestine: A land without a people for a people without a land?

VT Writer Punish takes a long look at history and discusses how future generations will take the massive failures of our past generations and turn them into a successful future for all.

EXCLUSIVE: Is Trump Secretly Negotiating a Pardon with Biden?

VT sources say Ivanka met with a person close to Biden to throw up a trial balloon for a pardon.

Punish on Democracy, Insurrection and the Open Corrupting of the United States of America

To punish the perpetraitors of insurrection against democracy is clemency; to forgive them is barbarity

Is VT’s Johnny Punish Mister Fadeaway; a man time forgot?

Are you a Mister Fadeaway too?

Leadership: Six Studies in World Strategy by Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger, consummate diplomat and statesman, examines the strategies of six great twentieth-century figures and brings to life a unifying theory of leadership and diplomacy

Is Disney World Moving from Florida to Guadalajara Mexico?

Florida's War Against Americans Now Includes Disney World, an Icon of American Culture

NEW WORLD ORDER: Meet the First Global Private Digital Rules-Based Monetary System in...

Global leaders Cathie Wood of Ark Invest and Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy spoke at the Bitcoin Conference this week giving their outlooks on the future of Bitcoin and how its' changing the world.

Russia Moving Away from U.S. Dollar Reserve Currency, What Should USA Do?

Anthony Pompliano rings the final bell as Worlds Reserve Currency is under siege by Russia and China

Trump’s Secret 2024 Strategy Revealed

By 2024, will Trump be in Jail or Emperor of The American Empire, formerly known as The United States of America?

Meet The Worst American in US History

Where does Donald Trump stand in history?

Christmas Classic: When Judy Garland Changed The Lyrics to “Have Yourself A Merry...

The story of how a song performed by Judy Garland in the movie "Meet Me in St. Louis" grew to be a beloved Christmas standard — and got happier lyrics along the way.

Is Gold Dying on the Bitcoin Vine?

Fund Managers Increasingly Prefer Bitcoin Over Gold, Say It's a Better Store of Value

The Forgotten Man: Meet The Grandfather of Rock N’ Roll

Johnny Punish Celebrates The Life And Legacy Of Robert Johnson, a man who influenced everyone from Muddy Waters to The Rolling Stones, and shaped the future of rock’n’roll with a new song "The Forgotten Man"