Mike Kay

Mike has always lived his life on the edge, without a safety net. He is not a traditionalist, although he values tradition. He is not a social maven, although he values a functioning society. In fact, anything you might think Mike is, he is not, thus he refers to himself as a nobody. His destiny has led him into the oddest of places, at the oddest of times. He is oft convinced that as in the Hymn of the Pearl, he is doomed to grope around in the dark, having forgotten who he is. His dream is remembering, and his writings are perhaps an ode to this process.

National Socializing: The Art of a Pagan Ancestry

VT's Mike Kay says "The greatest advisors of the modern world today do nothing more than lobby for genocide and totalitarian devastation. The world is lost" Find out more...


VT author Mike Kay searches for the meaning of life in this wonderful essay, a masterpiece that outlines a society that provides the ways and means for the devastation of mankind.

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