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Fabio is the Director and Editor of Gospa News; a Christian Information Journal.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio, born on 24/2/1967 in Borgosesia, started working as a reporter when he was only 19 years old in the alpine area of Valsesia, Piedmont, his birth region in Italy. After studying literature and history at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, he became deputy director of a local newspaper and specialized in judicial reporting.

For about 15 years he is a correspondent from Northern Italy for the Italian newspapers Libero and Il Giornale, also writing important revelations on the Ustica massacre, a report on Freemasonry and organized crime.

With independent investigations, he collaborates with Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza in important investigations that conclude with the arrest of Camorra entrepreneurs or corrupt politicians.

In July 2018 he found the counter-information web media Gospa News focused on geopolitics, terrorism, the Middle East, and military intelligence. He is a correspondent from Italy for the French news site Reseau International.

He worked for many years for the magazine Art & Wine as an art critic and curator

Is there a Freemason in the Vatican?

VT's Fabio Carisio from deep in Italy presents the possibility of a Masonic plan to infiltrate the Church’s hierarchy

Global Economy Screams as USA and EU Provincialize Euro-America in an Asian 21st Century

As Cold War escalated in the Indian Ocean Region this year, Sri Lanka’s duel US Citizen, Finance Minister, Basil Rajapakse, hastily Staged a Default in April for the first time in its history-- enabling the Washington Consensus to make deep inroads into the strategic island’s policy process.

ABC investigative Journalist James Meek Missing after FBI Raid

Emmy Award-winning ABC News investigative journalist who reported on military and national security-related stories, has been missing since an FBI raid on his home in late spring

Dateline UK: Prime Minister Truss Resigns, Loses Challenge! Who’s Next?

VT"s man in Europe explores the Truss resignation

200 US Marines deployed to “Nuclear” Aviano Air Base in Italy

F/A-18 Hornets and F-16 Fighting Falcons are in the air

NATO Member States to hold Nuclear Deterrence Drills Next Week

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio, reports on NATO set to launch regular Military Drills

Drone Killer Found Near Nord Stream

VT's Fabio Carisio, reports on Crimean Bridge Mysterious Leak in an Oil Pipeline and more

OPEC Oil Cut Opens Major U.S. Rift with Saudi Arabia

The October 5 announcement by major global oil producers of a massive production cut, has revived tensions between U.S. and Saudia Arabia

Russia Retaliates after Crimean Bridge Explosion

Putin Confirms Massive Strikes on Ukrainian Energy and Military Infrastructure

Who’s Responsible for Terror Attack on Crimean Bridge?

VT Europe reports on the Crimea Bridge event!

“General Armageddon” Leads Russian Forces in Ukraine after Crimean Bridge Blast

VT's Reporter in Europe, Fabio Carisio, reports on Ukraine

Did a Truck-Bomb Blow Up on Crimean Bridge?

VT Europe's Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio reports on blown-up Crimean Bridge.

Was 2022 Nobel Peace Prize Corrupted by Soros?

Center for Civil Liberties is also funded by EU Commission which Bought Arms for Zelensky

Huge Arsenal Donated to Kiev by Pentagon for US War against Russia

Why is America raining armaments on Ukraine?

Meet Asia’s New ‘Donors at The Paris Club

Reform the International Development Architecture?

Ex-advisor to Trump Pentagon Chief suggests US/UK behind Nord Stream Sabotage

Advisor to US Defense Secretary under Former President Trump said the US launched the Nord Stream attacks

Does the Nord Stream Sabotage Event benefit the USA?

Concerning Warning issued by CIA

Are NATO weapons being used in the Donbass?

VT's Fabio Carisio asks this important question. Find out the answer.

Italian Elections: NATO’s Weapons Lobby WON with Meloni and Right Wing Party Founded by...

Guido Crosetto, president of the Italian Defence Industries Federation and founder of Fratelli d’Italia, holds Giorgia Meloni in his arms