Contrail Science – Well, it looks like the cat is out of the bag. The secret government has slipped up and allowed the release of a History Channel special that spills the beans on the whole Chemtrail program!

Several clips from this show are available on youtube:

The unfortunate thing about the show is that regarding “chemtrails” it’s all theory and zero facts. Far from “validating” any chemtrail theory, the show simply repeats the theory.

What’s more, it’s basically just a platform for William Thomas to repeat the same nonsense he’s been spouting for the last ten years, totally ignoring both science and common sense. For Example:

Thomas: I think most of us in North America have been wondering about these plumes crisscrossing the sky in grid patterns, rows, and the now-familiar X’s, and many of us have wondered what these trails are.

Well, actually no – most people don’t wonder what these plumes are. And for those that do, we know EXACTLY what they are. They are contrails. This has been explained time and time again, with vast amounts of scientific and historical evidence behind the explanation. What evidence does Thomas give? None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

In fact, Thomas’s entire theory is based on a simple misconception that he continues to repeat over and over, totally ignoring all evidence to the contrary. He claims that “normal” contrails vanish in a few seconds, and that “chemtrails” last for hours. This is demonstrably untrue. Contrails last for a varying amount of time-based on the weather at the altitude they form. They can last for hours, and spread out to cover the sky. Any book on clouds will tell you this, and spreading contrails have been observed since 1921.

Yet Thomas manages to get his nonsense into the show:

VO: They first appear to be simply contrails, coming from high flying jet airplanes. But these trails linger in the sky for many hours, some for even an entire day, forming an artificial cloud

It seems that, like Thomas, the writers of the show chose to ignore the fact that THIS IS WHAT CONTRAILS SOMETIMES DO!!

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