VT has carefully examined video in Detroit, Atlanta and Minneapolis and has found members of organizations, Pentagon contracting firms, present at each protest, handing fire bombs, throwing large rocks, and leading the violence.

Minneapolis is “ground zero” for a very powerful child sex ring that services political and business/military/police leaders at a bevy of exclusive resorts, some run by the Trump organization, some by groups like St. Hubertus and the Bilderbergers, long tied to the Epstein-Maxwell-Mogeleivich cabal.

The background began in 1946 when Zionist leaders, mistrustful of Washington’s notorious anti-Semites, mostly GOP and Southern Democrats, began a program of “burning” members of congress and senior staffers through sexual blackmail.  That effort is now managed, in part, through the US Army, at one time through the Presidio and now through Fort Huachuca, the “dark heart” of the Deep State in America.

For the past 20 years, a coalition has been built between the US Army at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, where drone assassinations are run and the internet is “managed,” and a bizarre mix of police “death squads,” drug gangs like MS13 and radical Zionist groups, now heavily reinforced by White Supremacists, a resurgent Klan and old line neo-Nazis.

This is the real “Trump base,” one organized by the Defense Intelligence Agency, secretly starting during the Obama presidency, one working to bring the US to a civil war, starting with a race war.

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