Today, I watched a super interesting fantastic fun video by Big Bang Theory Hollywood star Mayim Bialik where she takes the DNA test and discovers her origins (Mayim Bialik: My DNA Results REVEALED! Sponsored by 23andMe)

In the video, she reveals she’s 99.7% Ashkenazi Jewish among some Irish, English, and broadly Europan ancestry.

She correctly acknowledges that we can track our origins through mitochondrial DNA, which, in her case, reveals she’s actually, on the female side, from Souther Europe between 10,000 and 20,000 B.C. which questions the claim that 23andMe says she is 99.7% Jewish because the first reference to Judaism comes from 1830.B.C…but more on that later.

What really got me as I was watching the video was the following questions;

  • Isn’t Judaism a religion?
  • Why is 23andMe along with telling people they are of the Jewish religion as an origin but NOT using Christianity or Islam as a standard as well?
  • Why is being Jewish given a special standard even when there is NO evidence that DNA has coded instructions for religion?
  • Why is this well-educated sharp lady being told her DNA is 99.7% Jewish when Judaism is a religion with the same twists and turns as so many religions and philosophies before and after its creation?

Lots of questions about ancestry, DNA and heritage!

For the Scientific answers, read the full article here.

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