by Hans Myrebro

The great peninsula, Crimea, which was part of the Soviet Union, was in focus during the end of the Second World War not only for its strategic military position but come to manifest the mega policy for a completely different reason.

The Sovjet Union spy chef throughout the Stalin era, Pavel Sudoplatov, has described in his memoir, ”The Directorate” how Crimea was becoming a Jewish republic.

He writes:

”During 1944 and the first half of 1945, Stalin´s strategic motive was a desire to use the Jewish issue as bait to gather international Jewish capital that could rebuild the war-ravaged Soviet Union and influence post-war power balances in the Middle-East. Stalin planned to exploit the Jew´s quest for a home to attract western currency.”

The intention of founding a Jewish republic existed and was based on a letter received by Stalin from the Jewish Antifascist Committee. The letter to Stalin was dated February 15, 1944, that is before Crime´s final liberation from Nazi-troops in April of that year.

The letter was submitted by the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee Controller Solomon Lozovsky to Vlatjeslav Molotov, who edited the letter and, it was filed as M-23314. It then presented to the absolute political peaks.

It was until 1993 that a piece of the letter was published in connection with Boris Yeltsin´s visit to Washington.

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