by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy

Until Ramadan in 2019, Iraq had become an almost peaceful nation but above all projected towards a future of rebirth through the precarious balance between the various components that controlled the country:  the politicians expressed by the Shiite religious majority in a sober theocratic modulation, the paramilitary armies that defeated ISIS, composed of the Quds Forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the Iraqi Hashids in which Shiite, Christian, and Sunni militants fight, and the Lebanese-born Ketai Hezbollah, and finally the Army of Iraq, trained by the contingents NATO and therefore a faithful ally of the Atlantic Pact.

But in May there was a special announcement, highlighted with Veterans Today and the Italian web media Gospa News: the agreement between Baghdad and Tehran to dredge the Shatt al-ʿArab river, a waterway where Tigers and the Euphrates meet earlier to flow into the Persian Gulf.

“Arvand Dive starts after Ramadan.” The Iranian news agency Tasnim (in the Farsi version only) reported in mid-May in reference to the agreement between Iran and Iraq for the grandiose intervention. A symbolic operation of the new alliance between Shiites as well as, concretely strategic to open the new route of the oil tankers towards the refineries within the two nations.

The transit had been interrupted in the mid-eighties during the war between the two countries due to the failure to clean the river bed from alluvial debris but above all from the carcasses of sunken ships, also by the British army, to block the sea outlet. And right at the mouth of the Arvand, the construction of marine oil platforms began in the synergy between a Russian company and an Iranian company controlled by the government. And from there many very important black gold projects should have been developed.

Since then nothing is known about the Arvand project because, among sanctions, military maneuvers of aircraft carriers and cruisers, mysterious sabotage, threats and finally criminal intelligence operations, US President Donald Trump unleashed hell culminating in the assassination, through missiles launched by US Air Force drones, of the commander of the Iranian Quds Forces Hassem Soleimani together with the deputy commander of the Iraqi Hashid, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

But also with the massacre of the Boeing 737 of the Ukrainian Airlines flight PS752, hit by two missiles of the Iranian anti-aircraft for a mistake so gross as to induce military experts and former CIA agents to believe it following a cybernetic attack on the transponder to make the plane an object unidentified and therefore an apparent threat.

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