This is published for one reason because we have multiple confirmations that we should not have.  A week ago, Pompeo announced that he was prepared to order the assassination of Russian and Chinese leaders.  We published this in English and Russian at the website of the Russian Academy of Science, a peer-reviewed journal, and it has gone genuinely viral…inside Russia alone.

NEO: New US Policy Authorized Drones Strikes on Russian, Chinese Leaders

Russia kicked the US out of the Black Sea, using Turkey to enforce the Montrose Treaty, for one reason, the US was using AEGIS ships to target Russian missile defenses for a first strike.  Trump and Pompeo were silent on this HUGE story for one reason, they were caught with dirty hands.

Breaking: Confirmed, Turkey closing the Black Sea to US Navy-NATO

Behind this, we began being hit with threat and some strange censorship, Libya, Sudan, places we have people on the ground with Adamas as advisors.

Then Russia announced their Moscow missile system, going the extra mile…

Why Moscow is Invulnerable to US Missile Attack

and then this:
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