Information has come to light that indicts the United States not just for the Soleimani killing but also for the over 300 killings during the Iraqi protests in late 2019.

In fact, it can be proven that the United States not only organized the protests but also is responsible for killing protestors as well, hundreds of them, something we have seen before, Maidan in 2014, Libya in 2011 and Cairo in 2009.

In each event, the killings of protestors lead to regime change favorable to the US. Though evidence of false flag snipers in Maidan is overwhelming, this is the first real “smoking gun” that clearly establishes the US military as a terrorist organization.

We begin our story.

The Soleimani murder, at the hands of Pompeo, Esper, and Trump, was much more than the simple hubris and ignorance most assume.

It is also assumed, quite wrongly, that the US occupation of the oil and opium rich lands of Asia is driven by national interest, at least to a part, perhaps even a small part. That is false also, patently false.

The backstory behind the killing of Soleimani is rooted in the explosive riots and the mysterious murders that pushed Iraqi Prime Minister Mahdi to resign on November 30, 2019.

Mahdi had been in office a year and had been, for the first time, addressing Iraq’s massive corruption, an endemic problem with any nation that has the misfortune of being occupied by the United States.

Iraq has a Shiite majority that has slowly assumed political dominance after years of suppression under Saddam Hussein.

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