Statement on Veterans Today Network sites and relationships

by John Allen, GM

Recently we have fielded a few inquiries as to the relationships between each site within the Veterans Today Network
So to be transparent and completely clear, we offer this simple clear statement for those that seek to understand how our network operates

1. Each site is independent

In other words, each site is run by different people, management teams and each site has NOTHING to do with the other.

To be even more clear, for example, is run by Gordon Duff and Jim W. Dean. They are managing editors who specialize in military operations and foreign policy. They have NOTHING to do with our other sites.

And is run by John Allen.  Each site is independent.  They have NO direct relationship to or any other site in the network.  Each is fully 100% independent.

So it’s this independence that explains why the editorial is so different between sites. True independence creates completely different editorial points of view. We know readers of each site are perplexed as they want one point of view for everything but we think such independence adds value to the overall discourse. So we hope everyone, while not always in agreement, at least, respects every point of view.

2. Veterans Today Network is more like a very tiny Facebook

We are just a network of sites. Any site can join our network. It can be owned by anyone. So think of it as a tiny Facebook. The members are part of it but they are NOT the network. They are independent.

3. Advertising

As the network we can obtain better advertising rates from ad networks so this is our biggest advantage. Advertisers can choose to be on all of our sites within the network or just on a few or one. We are able to insure that ad revenue is maximized so that the sites operate efficiently, competitively, and remain relevant on the net.

4. Technology

Personally, I handle all the technology. I don’t get involved in editorial or running of the sites. I also field support tickets help everyone move forward. That’s it. Very simple stuff.

OK, I hope that is clear.

If not, send me question and I will be glad to answer
Send to: John Allen, [email protected]