Esteemed mental health author SJ Hart joins Veterans Today News team

Mental Health Author SJ Hart Joins Veterans Today Network writing staff

Author of Lies in Silence: Lessons about Bipolar and Co-Occurring Disorders Learned Through Advocating for Appropriate Treatment for My Family has joined Veterans Today Network.

SJ Hart is an international educator, advocate and author. She and her 3 children live with bipolar disorder and other genetically transmitted mental illnesses. SJ was assisted in the editing phase of “Lies In Silence” by Martin Sheen. Martin was invaluable in the process of content, title & editing.

SJ is a leader in the model of Suicide Management v prevention.

Lies in Silence” powerfully represents timely and pertinent issues including the link between mental illness and genetic predisposition, stigma, overwhelming grief, and hopelessness through the eyes of one woman. She asks provocative questions demanding answers regarding poorly trained professionals, the lack of urgency to the lowering age of onset of illness, and prominent social issues and their connection to an emerging epidemic.

Lies in Silence” is instructive and poignant. It is vital tool for clinical training of allied health professionals, college professors to aggressively decrease the catastrophic epidemic of college suicide. She has worked at Springfield College, Jefferson Medical School, Coppin State and University of PA to name a few.
SJ Hart has a Masters Degree. She was a practicing clinician in dual diagnosis treatment for over 32 years, and now writes and teaches full time.

Hart has been interviewed on the radio, in magazines, and taught over 40 times in the US, Canada and Australia. Her book is available in over 100 countries. SJ Hart was honored with The Maxie Collier Award for “significant contributions to the Field of Mental Health”, and in 2014 her book was placed in the Library of Medicine The NIH, listed as an invaluable resource. She also wrote a prominent chapter (author) in Motherhood, Mental Illness and Recovery© 2014 Stories of Hope (Chapter 40)

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