VT Thanks Readers While Reviewing 2016 and Updates for 2017

Thanks to All of Our Readers

As we come to the end of 2016, we wanted to thank all of our readers.  We have been very busy analyzing all of the stats on our sites which make up The Veterans Today Network.  In doing so, we realized just how tremendous the growth has been since our inauguration in 2003.  This network has become an authority network over the years, and its growth shows no signs of slowing down.  We wanted to reach out to all of you and thank you personally for helping us to achieve that goal.  Below we would like to share some of the information that we have come up with while running these analysis.  We also would like to give you a little bit of history as to how the network began and what we have in store for you with 2017 around the corner.

Now let’s go back and review 2016 and the stats that we are very excited to present you with.  This past year the network received almost 15,000,000 user sessions, 7,700,000 unique visitors and over 57,000,000 page views.  To give you an idea of how fast we are growing, we only need to tell you the stats from 5 years ago during 2011.  The stats at that time were 2,700,000 unique visitors and less than 10,000,000 page views.  So we have increased our unique visitors by almost 300% and our page views by almost 600% during that time.  These numbers have continued to multiple every year and we hope we can continue to do so well into the future with your continued support.

The network was started by individual parties who shared the same common interests.  These interests were to give veterans a place to voice their opinions without the usual bias by mainstream media.  The first site was Veterans TodayVeterans Today was at first considered an online military journal whose authors all came from military backgrounds.  As the users began to grow, the network started receiving pleas for help with the growing unemployment problem among post Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans.  This brought on the site Hire Veterans which was created to help veterans connect with majors companies in all industries.  Hire Veterans became another success story for the Veterans Today Network.  Hire Veterans is celebrating its 13th year helping veterans to find employment.

After a successful transition into becoming one of the most read veteran media networks, more sites began to be created geared towards veterans.  The network now has Veterans Today, Veterans News Now, Hire Veterans, Veterans Today Money, Veterans Today News, Veterans Today Jobs, Veterans Today Business Directory and Veterans Today Forums.  These sites have all grown to add some type of value for specific niches in the veteran’s community.  Our primary objective has been and always will be to provide a voice for our veterans.

2016 has not even come to an end, but our numbers show the hard work paying off by our countless staff members.  Our users have also shown extreme dedication in helping us grow by coming back and spreading the word to their friends.  2017 will have our mobile applications getting serious upgrades.  The new Android and Iphone apps are just about finished up and should provide the easiest entry into all of the information that the network offers.

We also have some new sites being added to the network which we ask that you stay tuned for.  One will be a site dedicated to documenting all promises made by the next president of the United States.  The idea of the site will be to keep track of all promises and see whether or not they are fulfilled or pushed aside.  Another site coming shortly will talk about the ongoing issues behind racism in the country.  This site will post all comments that have been documented by politicians, people in the public eye and even just regular people who have been reported by our users.  This idea has come to life with the rise of racism and segregation in the country with hopes of battling those issues by publicly calling out all parties that are offending.

We will also be starting our Veterans Today Network Store which will allow our loyal users to purchase items with our logos to show their support.  All proceeds from the store will be reinvested into the network to keep our network running as fast and smoothly as possible.  It also allows us to keep our techs working around the clock to ensure that the sites are always operational.

Another great project that we are working on is the Veterans Today Cancer Foundation.  We will be donating a % of our proceeds from Hire Veterans to the foundation.  We will also be accepting donations and volunteers to help with this project and make it as big as possible.  This is another project that we are very proud of, and another way that we can give back to the veterans.

To finish up we just want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season and an even better 2017!!!  Together we will continue to grow and grow.  We hope that you have enjoyed being a user of our network, and we hope we can continue to provide you with quality unbiased content for years to come.  We wish the best of success to all of you and thanks again for the support.