VT APP for Android Updated for 2017

by John Allen, General Manager

Great News! We have updated our VT APP for 2017
Thousands of our visitors are already using the APP to consume our content
So get with it and go to your Play Store and install it.
It’s listed under “Veterans Today Network”

For you Iphone folks, just hang in there for 48 hours more…your update is on its way.


Okay, now, we added a few new sites to our network in the last few months and they were added to our APP upgrade; namely Veterans Today News and Veterans Today Cancer Foundation led by cancer survivor Jacquie Salinas. (We will be formally announcing the new foundation to help vets on Jan. 1)

We’ve also added links to search for jobs on our industry leading job board HireVeterans.com
And more….so get in and check it out.

Oh BTW, the top story featured when you open up the APP is calculated by our servers automatically.
It’s always the most read article in the last 12 hours.
It can come from any of the 10 network sites we operate.
Its simply based on popularity

So install and give us your feedback
As you know, feedback is mission critical to our collective success and helps us provide you with the features you want from VT

So go for it
Hope you like