How Expensive A Tradeshow Display Can Be If You Go To The Wrong Company?

tradeshowPresenting a product at a trade show can be a trying time in any business. Design, fabrication, printing, and shipping of exhibits can add up to a major headache. Trade show preparation can easily eat up days of precious time, so a business should regard the potential new sales as a return on investment (ROI), and track costs accordingly.


If old graphics are no longer relevant, new ones require the services of a graphic artist, which takes time and money. Printing the display rapidly becomes very expensive. Banner stands are often sold with graphics already in place, and pop-up exhibits can display detachable graphics in varying sizes. These can be full-mural graphics covering the entire display front, but, depending on the material and design used, they could cost thousands of dollars. Printing methods also vary in price. Graphics covered with a laminate film for protection, or backed with light blocks to make them stand out, cost more than unlaminated or unbacked displays. Display designs may even involve fabrics, such as table throws or hanging banners, that can be even more expensive than printed materials. Additional fabrication steps, such as custom cutting and shaping or attaching hardware for easy assembly, will cost even more.


An organization normally has to pay the host of the event for booth space, but the bigger cost is the display itself. Unless the business has held onto old displays (if they are still relevant, and if they are in great shape), the company will need a new exhibit. Banner stands typically cost a few hundred dollars, pop-up displays cost up to $2,000 when incorporating extra features, and modular displays cost $5,000 or more for a good-sized 10′ x 10′ booth. Truss displays will cost even more. All these costs rise if the planned exhibit is larger or will include more features.


In addition to the display itself, storing and transporting it in one piece requires a solid shipping case. Most displays will travel by UPS, or as checked freight baggage on an airline. The display should arrive well ahead of time, looking fresh and new. Even if you plan to rent an existing booth and customize it, a pop-up will still cost several hundred dollars for a 3-day period, while a 10′ x 10′ modular display rental will cost nearly as much as paying for a new one.


Accessories add to cost. Flooring often costs $5 or more per square foot, even for basic foam mats, and renting them isn’t cheap. Portable podiums or kiosks start at $500 and can run into the thousands of dollars. Most people want computer monitors added to the display; monitor poles cost a few hundred dollars each, and the monitors themselves, even as rentals, double the price. If the company is actually buying and shipping the monitors, there will be additional cases needed and additional shipping costs.

To make all these tasks less expensive, and get them managed and done efficiently, seek out the services of firms who have the experience and resources to see that it’s all handled smoothly. Not only does this take away all the headaches, but it’s often less expensive than the alternatives. For many years, Exhibits Etc has been in the business of making any business look good. They offer standard or custom designs and materials for the next trade show display in affordable, professional, one-cost packages. This lets companies get the most out of the next big event without the worry.