Col. Evgeny Khrushchev joins Editorial Board of

Col. Evgeny Khrushchev
Col. Evgeny Khrushchev

Colonel Evgeny Khrushchev, a military analyst at RT. (Russia Television)  has joined the Editorial Board of

Chairman of the Editorial Board Gordon P. Duff says “Col. Khrushchev is a valued addtion to our board as he’s a wealth of experience and knowledge especially during this time of war in Afghanistan.

Contrary to the family tradition, Col. Khrushchev didn’t apply to Vladivostok Navy Academy to join the Pacific Fleet but enrolled in the Red Banner Institute specializing in Central Asian affairs.

In afghanistan, he was a PSYOPS officer of the 56th Airborne Assault Brigade in Gardez, Paktia, Democratic Republic of Afghanistan First Secretary of the Russian Embassy in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

In Yugoslavia, he was part of the Russian Airborne peace-keeping mission under the aegis of UNPROFOR.
In the United States of American, his mission is promote rapport & rapprochement between Russian & American veterans, in close cohesion with US military attaché General Reppert and Special Forces General Metaxis.
He also;

* Led the 1st delegation of Soviet Afghan Vets to the US at the invitation of VVA & VVC
* Addressed SOLIC Command and JFK Special Warfare School
* Consulted CBS 60 Minutes on the Soviet campaign in Afghanistan
* Interviewed by ABC 20/20 and Discovery Channel
* Featured by France Press, Boston Globe and USN& WR during the 1st Moscow putsch.

Inspired by Chinese strategy, Persian Sufi poetry and British cats he is also addicted to Country & Blues and American muscle cars.