Veterans Today Forum Gets Make-Over


We just re-launched our Veterans Today Forum.

Previously, it was a module within our site.  However, once we made the switch from a PHP Nuke platform to a WordPress platform for, a strategic decision was made to make the Forum it’s own’s site within the network and use the same PHPbb platform that supports Forum postings.

Seperating the data was no easy task.  Yet we hope worth it.

This move makes our updates easier and less complex.  Moreover, it’s our hope is that those users who want a Forum can use it exclusively as a Forum and not be bombarded with other stuff.

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    are you disgusted by the Veterans Affairs and tired of them treating the Veterans in a hostile way, are you tired of lip service and finger pointing of the v.a.? Please join our group on facebook at FACEBOOK : Veterans Disgusted with the Veterans Affairs help us to hold the v.a. accountable, share your problems, share your good treatment if you have any.

  2. In Dec., 1950,a young 2d Lt. stood on the cold concrete floor of a warehouse in the U.S.Army’s New York Port of Embarkation.In front of him and to the sides were hundreds of neatly positioned flag draped coffins. The Lt.’s duties at the NYPE included selecting reserve officers for recall to active duty and assigning escort officers to accompany the befallen to their loved ones at home. Before him,among the many, was a Lt. called to duty for Korea from New Rochelle,N.Y. two weeks earlier and was awaiting transportation home.
    On Sep. 30,1997. an open letter, from the VA secretary designate, articulated a strategic plan including,”who are customerds are”. After reading this VA proposed attempt to become a corporation, the NYPE vision was before me with tears in my eyes as now.
    A response from the VA was received and is included in the nonfiction,”Virtual Autopsy” scheduled for publication on Sep 13,2010.

  3. I’m so proud of our veterans and moved by the sacrafices people have made to keep us free and safe, that I wrote this song. It’s called ‘No Such Thing As Goodbye.’ Please enjoy – it’s for you! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your service.

    P.S. I want to put together a video using this song and put it on YouTube. If you send me a photo of you, and/or your supportive family I would like to include it, with your permission.

    [email protected]

    Thank you again for your service!

    Sincerely –


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