Job and Work Opportunities for Veterans at PES Group

pesveteransPoor economy. You can thrive!

Veterans Can Get to Work Right Now with PES GROUP

by Gordon Gates

The prospect of the parking space violators is a epidemic. It is an epidemic that signs, towing & police intervention have proven powerless to cure. A cure is now Available.

The PES Group is pleased to announce our “New Parking Management Service“, the “PES System” (Launched November 17, 2008). We pride ourselves in offering a professional and effective System that guarantee results.

PES GROUP is looking for motivated people to become Area Operators of the “PES” Parking Enforcement System. Territories have been designated and we are selling only 1 PES System to each area under a Exclusive Area Licensing Agreement.

If you are interested in owning your own business, The Parking Enforcement Industry is a rewarding choice, and one of the few business-to-business opportunities that is homebased, affordable, has minimal overhead and potentially high profit margins. Here are a few interesting facts about The Parking Enforcement Industry that will help you see why this is such a unique and exciting opportunity:

  • pesapply_400Low Start-Costs
  • No Royalties
  • Support
  • New
  • Own your own Business

PES Group exists to Build, Support and Preserve the integrity of the parking enforcement profession utilizing a system of guidelines and

The Parking Enforcement Group plans to invest in expansion leveraging the PES System, particularly those delivering applications based on parking enforcement solutions. PES Group builds on the ubiquitous reach of PES Systems to create a versatile foundation for capturing and holding clients through more active and effective applications and technologies.

In the U.S. , there are more than 5 million private parking lots owners feel overwhelmed and frustrated with no solution to remedy repeat parking offenders. They need the PES Solutions. Becoming a PES Area Operator is a rewarding profession that allows you to make a difference in the lives of others while fulfilling your own ambitions. Our systems and outstanding support will allow you to leverage your time and talents and turn them into a rewarding business helping others.

We stand behind our Area Operators success. To show our long-term commitment, we offer in-house financing for future expansion for those who qualify.

You can operate The PES Solutions from home or a small office, part or full-time. In addition, you decide whether or not you hire employees. The choice is yours!

The PES Group offers large, exclusive territories. If you feel the Parking Enforcement Solution Service may be the right choice for you and want to see if your territory is still available, please visit their posting for the Business Opportunity on PES Business Opportunity on