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Jobs Offered to Military Veterans at CCE

by Marcy Bulstrom

Contracting, Consulting, Engineering LLC (CCE) is a limited liability company specializing in design-build construction projects, aviation logistics and management, and technical and personnel support services. With over fourteen years experience and project personnel deployed throughout the world, CCE has the experience and management structure to quickly and successfully complete a wide range of project types in any location.

CCE is a multi-discipline fast growing American-owned and managed company. Since its inception, CCE has provided rapid response in engineering, fast track scheduling, turnkey design-build construction, construction management, aviation maintenance and logistics, personnel support, technical and professional services. CCE’s capabilities are reflected in the vast experience supporting the most demanding clients including international organizations, the United States government, foreign governments and the private sector throughout the world.

To support is growth, CCE requires top quality employees. To help attract the worlds best, CCE has partnered with, America’s leading job board for U.S. Veterans and regards experienced U.S. Veterans as a key employee pool that helps CCE continue to be a world class company. In other words, Veterans are strongly encouraged to apply for jobs at CCE.

Since 1992, and throughout the performance of its many contracts, most of which have been technically demanding in hazardous and remote environments, it can be stated unequivocally that CCE has never had a performance problem. To the contrary, CCE has built a strong reputation for the worldwide provision of quality “fast-track” turnkey design-build and engineering services, usually performed under the most difficult of circumstances, without ever missing a deadline, compromising a contract schedule, or exceeding a budget.


CCE has an excellent performance record in aviation logistics and management. From maintaining service schedules to managing quality control and performing special repairs under challenging field conditions.

  • CCE has the expertise and global network of qualified personnel to manage aviation programs for large military installations all over the world.
  • CCE’s Aviation Support Division delivers a comprehensive integrated program that includes aircraft maintenance and supply support, facilities maintenance, quality assurance, training and standardization on multiple fixed and rotary wing aircraft models such as the UH-60, Huey II, and C130.
  • CCE provides a three level maintenance approach – unit, intermediate, and limited depot in order to deliver the most effective maintenance possible and safe, mission capable aircraft.
  • CCE’s team of experienced professionals and technicians provides aviation maintenance and related support for United States and foreign military sales programs and commercial customers.
  • CCE has been successful in supporting aviation and logistics programs for U.S. Government projects for more than ten years, including projects such as the U.S. Department of State Aviation Maintenance and Logistics Support Program for the Colombian National Police, multiple U.S. Department of Defense / Colombian Army and Air Force aviation support programs and C130 support for the Iraqi Air Force.


CCE specializes in fast track, turn key, design-build, and bid-build construction projects. Since 1992 CCE has served the United States as well as governments and private organizations around the world. CCE’s reputation is built on high standards of quality and our ability to react quickly-average mobilization time from Notice-to-Proceed to arrival on-site is seven (7) days.

CCE maintains a staff of skilled architects, engineers, project managers and construction professionals with extensive experience in the design and planning of highly specialized structures including remote military bases, private and government office facilities, fixed and rotary wing aviation facilities, force protection systems, and the utilities and services required for complete operation of these facilities.

Apply for CCE Jobs - Veterans MilitaryRemote Military Bases
CCE designs and constructs military installations based on careful consideration of functionality, security, sustainability, maintainability, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness in addition to specific contract requirements to ensure long-term performance. Furthermore, CCE’s extensive quality control program carefully monitors every phase of the building process for exceptional quality.

Office and Residential Facilities
CCE also specializes in the design and construction of office buildings and residential facilities. Our design and construction teams adhere to the same rigorous standards used to ensure the quality and security of military bases while also paying careful attention to local design codes and architectural styles as well as the day-to-day functionality of these facilities.

Fixed and Rotary Wing Aviation Facilities
From self-sustained clamshell hangars in remote and dangerous regions of the world to permanent aviation bases complete with airfield, hangar, offices, repair shops, and supply warehouses, CCE has the aviation experience to custom-design fixed and rotary wing aviation facilities for any civilian or military applications.

Force Protection Systems
CCE views force protection as an integrated system of protective measures combining elements of deterrence, detection, identification, and response. Our force protection systems therefore integrate physical and technical components including communication and monitoring systems, perimeter protection, controlled access points, interior safe havens, and blast protection.

CCE enjoys a strong reputation for quality excellence in the performance of its fast-track design-build services. This reputation results from our philosophy that quality must be inherent in all CCE services, not added later as an afterthought or a means of correcting deficiencies. This commitment to quality excellence translates into specific and comprehensive policies governing all aspects project performance.


CCE provides support to all program operations and our internal clients. Support Operations include, but are not limited to:

Logistics / Personnel Support Services
Provides support in all aspects related to the well being of our clients and employees. The department takes care of housing, transportation, cargo, vehicle maintenance, communications and air travel plans. Customized solutions are tailored within the Logistics Department for any special requirements that may arise during the execution of a project.

Information Technologies
The IT section of CCE takes care of providing information flow solutions within the organization; Connectivity and Data Base management solutions are part of this department’s daily tasks.