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Weldmation Allies with

By Brian Kilne

Technology Development

As part of Weldmation’s efforts to remain a Best-in-Class provider of Assembly Machinery for metals-based assemblies in the North American automotive, defense, heavy equipment and consumer products industries, they are committed to offering the very best process and technology solutions to their customers.

One of the newest and most exciting technology advancements available on the market is the Super-MIG™ System. It is a new, innovative robotic welding technology developed by combining two reliable standard welding processes, plasma arc and MIG arc, into one hybrid process. This system is available through their corporate family partner via Welding Solutions Inc. (WSI). Welding Solutions Inc. (WSI) was established in 2004 to exclusively market, integrate and service the Super-MIG™ products and processes developed and manufactured by Plasma Laser Technologies, Inc.

WSI employs highly-educated welding experts working in a state-of-the-art laboratory, and offers weld consulting, weld process development, and prototype welding applications. To reach it’s goals and mission, Weldmation has allied with, one of America’s premier Job Boards for U.S. Veterans.

Weldmation Project Management

Their project management system is derived from the processes found in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) published by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). They provide a fully documented methodology available on-line internally to all of their project participants including: procedures, flowcharts, work instructions, checklists, meeting agendas, gate reviews, forms, and reports. Three main features combine to make their project management system highly effective for their ultimate customers and for their internal customers throughout all phases and processes of each project:

Project Manager

A project manager is assigned to each project who will be the clients single-point of accountability and is responsible for contract compliance and change management. This assures that all customer requirements are understood, communicated, and satisfied. An open issues and corrective action matrix will be maintained and published on-line allowing continuous communication flow. Weldmation project managers work closely with all operational departments to ensure that each phase of the project is planned and implemented according to schedule with appropriate resources all while maintaining our high standards for quality and craftsmanship.

Project Management Office

Their methodology relies on the services provided by their Project Management Office (PMO). This department is integrated with their Information Technology department to harvest the synergy generated during the development, support, and implementation of their digital tools, reports and procedures. There are three main processes utilized by the PMO:

Scope Development

Members of the PMO work closely with the project manager and other operational department representatives to develop a comprehensive work breakdown structure for each project. This effort will decompose the project into individual shop orders complete with task descriptions, resource requirements, and budgets for commercial items.

Schedule Development

All Weldmation project schedules are created using Primavera®. They draw from a library of task and subnet templates to create an individual schedule for each shop order then combine them together to form a baseline schedule for the entire project that satisfies all customer requirements and milestones. This baseline schedule then becomes a database of information including: departmental task lists, resource requirements, major milestones, cash flow requirements, departmental interface points, and other reports & lists. Further, this detail schedule integrates with their purchasing system to provide material requirement dates by shop order for each commodity type.

Project Control

Each Monday, project participants report their task progress from the prior work week. This information is measured against the baseline schedule and variances are identified, classified (yellow, blue, red), and reported during the weekly Project Status Review meeting attended by their entire operations management team. Action items and recovery plans, when required, are discussed, authorized, and documented for those tasks and projects with red status. Their process of managing variances and the critical path allows their management team to focus on potential problem tasks early enough in the schedule to avoid downstream schedule delays.

Core Competency Products and Services

Apply to Weldmation JobsWelding Assembly Systems

  1. Resistance Welding
  2. MIG Welding
  3. Continuous Seam Welding
  4. Soldering/Brazing
  5. Hybrid Welding Processes-MIG and Plasma Welding
  6. Integrated Tooling and Automation-Flexible and Single Purpose

Non-Welding Process Systems

  1. Forming & Bending Machines
  2. Laser Trimming Machines
  3. Hemming Machines
  4. Piercing Machines
  5. Leak Test Machines
  6. Automatic Gauging Integration
  7. Integrated Automation-Flexible and Single Purpose

Integrated Material Handling Systems

  1. Lift and Carry Transfer Systems
  2. Loaders / Unloaders
  3. Conveyors
  4. Turn-Overs

Robotic Transfer: Aircraft, Aerospace & Military

  1. Machining
  2. Part Structures
  3. Armament

Weldmation has been providing welding and assembly system solutions to the automotive, white goods and defense industries since 1961. So check them out for great jobs.