Veterans Get Jobs at Planate Group

planate-jobsJobs in Base Operating Support/Range Operating Support are Offered to Enterprising Veterans

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By Brian Kilne

Planate Management Group LLC provides installation management consulting services in a world that is flattening and becoming increasingly interconnected. They are committed to a creative spirit, client centric services, and loyalty to their employees.

Planate requires a world class employee staff to meet it’s challenges. To achieve these exceptional goals, Planate is reaching out to hire Military Veterans who have the unique skill sets that are required. To meet the hiring challenges, Planate has joined, America’s foremost job board for U.S. Veterans.

The Planate team is made up of management and consultation experts who focus on complex installation management challenges and inter-relationships in the following areas:

• Base Operations in force protection, fire and emergency services, emergency management, installation chemical – biological defense, air and port operations, safety (occupational, recreational, and off duty safety), information technology, and base medical integration.

• Facilities Management in sustainment, modernization, new investment, collateral equipage, base vehicle investment and management strategies, facility service contracting, utility management strategies and public private venture strategy development.

• Community Support in programs for service members and their families in the areas of community program support, housing, child development and advocacy, base enrichment programs, and community outreach.

• General Installation Management Endeavors in acquisition strategy (construction, special projects, service contracting including large Base Operating Support/Range Operating Support contracting), Congressional Earmarks to installation accounts, weapons program execution and integration, manpower management, strategic communications and linked strategic planning, joint and specialized capabilities/requirements development, command and staff functions, land-based training readiness, installation meeting facilitation and management, contingency planning/execution, reporting and measurement, and Federal Programming/Execution strategy development.

Team Planate

The Planate Management Group is composed of a network of installation management experts that are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds such as facilities management / engineering, public safety, operations, information technology, strategic communications, and resource management. Planate experts are able to do more for clients because they work as a collaborative team. The Planate team approach allows all of their professionals to leverage specialties in different aspects of installation management to provide clients the very best solutions.

Recent Planate Group News

July 2008 – Guam Business Development
Planate Management Group has established a physical branch office in Guam. The Guam team will be better positioned to leverage our skills and abilities to better support clients. They look forward to further assisting our Department of Defense and strategic alliance clients.

planate-jobs-apply-veterans June 2008 – Industrial Facility Security Clearance Services
Planate Management Group has launched a new division focused on Facility Clearance/Security Clearance support to our clients. They are now able to offer Assistant Facility Security Officer Services to companies who are interested in Industrial Facility Security Clearances. An Industrial Facility Security Clearance is required for contracts that involve sensitive material, locations, or information. An Industrial Facility Security Clearance enables companies to hold and request Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret level clearances for employees.

• April 2008 – Foundation for Military Spouse Advancement
Planate Management Group announced their partnership and support of the recently established Foundation for Military Spouse Advancement. This non-profit organization is committed to connecting and providing personalized information to military spouses regarding education, employment, finances, and wellness. The Military Spouse Advocacy Association understands that numerous resources exist for military spouses, but military spouses, especially those new to the community, are not always aware of these benefits.

• March 2008 – Partnering for Success
Planate Management Group establishes the “Partnering for Success” program. Partnering is a highly leveraged effort that demands increased up-front effort as the basis for a long lasting, harmonious, and success filled operational environment. Planate Management Group has a well formulated methodology and the skilled personnel to establish partnering as the foundation of successful installation management. Their proven alternative, “Partnering for Success” provides a road map that enables owners, contractors, and other groups to successfully achieve their expectations. It also has measurable benefits including improved quality, increased productivity, reduced waste, and vastly improved satisfaction that will result in their exceeding contract parameters.

Planate Management Group – Redefining the Installation Management Experience! Check them out and apply to their jobs!