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by Marcy Bulstrom

Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS Company LLC) is revolutionizing the world’s supply chain by providing manufacturers, suppliers and shippers of unitized loads with the world’s first RFID-tagged all-plastic pallet pool. Manufactured to exacting standards, iGPS’s pallets are edge rackable, lightweight, extremely durable, consistent in size, hygienic, and – thanks to embedded RFID tags – fully traceable.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida with operations in Dallas, Texas, New York and Bentonville, AR, iGPS is now hiring to fill the needs of the new demand created by its forward thinking innovative products. To meet the hiring challenges, iGPS has partnered with, an industry leading job board for U.S. Veterans.

What does iGPS offer?

iGPS is leading a paradigm shift in the pallet-rental business from wood to plastic pallets with radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking capabilities. As the world’s first and only large-scale supplier of an all-plastic RFID-tagged pallet pool, iGPS’s business model provides manufacturers and retailers with compelling advantages:

What are the advantages of iGPS’s pallet vs. wood?

iGPS’s plastic pallets are far superior to the best wood alternatives.

  • Weight. Weighing in at less than 50 lbs, iGPS pallets are 30% lighter than the typical multi-use wood pallet. This 25-pound weight savings per-pallet makes our pallets easier to handle and saves up to a total of 540 to 15,390 lbs per truckload, which translates into tremendous fuel and transport savings.
  • Durability. iGPS pallets are the only in the world that weigh less than 50 lbs, meet both GMA and ISO 8611-3 requirements, and easily hold 2,800 lbs (edge rackable). Already in use at Fortune 100 companies nationwide, our pallets have passed every test and challenge they have been subjected to and continue to demonstrate durability everyday in the supply chain.
  • Contents protection. Our pallets feature 100% top-deck coverage, providing greater rigidity and contents protection than the typical multi-use wood pallet, which has, at most, 87% top deck coverage.
  • Uniform size, shape and weight. Unlike wood pallets, our pallets are consistent in appearance and performance. With no broken boards or protruding nails, iGPS pallets work superbly in automated environments.
  • Hygiene. Unlike wood pallets, which readily absorb liquids and can provide a breeding ground for bacteria, iGPS pallets are impervious to liquids and do not present a health risk. They are cleaned with simple detergent and water. In addition, iGPS pallets do not need to undergo heat treatment (which can result in mildew) or fumigation with methyl bromide.
  • Fire Safety. Our pallets have undergone extensive testing and have received UL 2335 and FM Approvals 4996 certification. This certification means that the fire performance of iGPS pallets is equal or superior to wood, and that they are fully compliant with NFPA 13 fire sprinkler standards.
  • RFID. Each iGPS pallet is has four identical RFID tags embedded in its frame, enabling shipment tracking in real time.
  • Environmentally Responsible. iGPS’s business model has been created with sustainability as a cornerstone. Our pallets are 100% recyclable. Should a pallet become damaged, it will be ground and remolded into a new pallet, as permitted by Underwriters Laboratories, making its lifespan indefinite.

igpsapply_400PALLET POOLING

iGPS offers businesses the ability to rent the exact number of pallets they need, rather than having to stock for peak seasons and keeping idle pallets in storage. Companies can easily upgrade to iGPS’s system and avoid the expense of purchasing and maintaining a pallet inventory.

Renting Versus Owning
By renting plastic pallets from iGPS’s shared pool, businesses can focus their capital expenditures and day-to-day supply-chain operations on their core business and eliminate the expensive distraction of owning and maintaining an inventory of pallets. Importantly, companies that have been using wood pallets – which are difficult to RFID-tag and trace – can readily upgrade to iGPS’s system and begin tracking shipments in real time.

How Pallet Pooling Works
Under a pooled system, manufacturers, distributors and retailers rent – rather than own – their pallets; the pallets are owned by iGPS. The pooled pallet system works as follows:

* The manufacturer notifies iGPS of a required shipment.
* iGPS issues ready-for-use plastic pallets to the manufacturing facility in truckload quantities.
* The manufacturer palletizes their product onto the platform and ships it down the distributor network.
* Distributors receive the pallets and either store the products in warehouses or use the pallets to move products to the retailer.
* Once the pallets have been emptied at a retail outlet, the distributor relocates the pallets to their distribution centers.
* Pallets are accumulated at the distribution center and the distributor returns the pallets to iGPS.
* iGPS inspects the pallets and prepares the pallets for reissue.

If you would like to join a forward thinking company that is embracing the future, then check out the jobs offered by iGPS and apply to them now!