Garda Global to Hire and Employ U.S. Veterans

gardaveteransjobsThe Global Leader in Security Solutions Seeks to Hire Veterans

Garda Global Partners with

Consulting and Investigation

By Brian Kilne

Crime can happen anywhere, at anytime. Just imagine for a moment the disastrous consequences of a criminal act committed against your organization: this could be costly and have a detrimental impact on your material, financial and human resources, let alone your business reputation.

Preventing any type of crime, intervening at the right time and providing customized investigation techniques – this is the expertise of Garda’s Consulting and Investigations team. Their investigators work with the latest investigative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Their solid background and skills are paired with a complete knowledge of the legalities of information gathering.

Garda is currently hiring to fill their staffing needs. To reach the most jobseekers who are qualified Veterans, Garda has joined up with, America’s foremost job board for U.S. Military Veterans.

Garda offers career opportunities that enhance personal and professional development in a positive environment where employees consistently challenge themselves, and one that recognizes individual and team achievements.

For Veterans who seek a great company to work for, Garda Global offers great opportunities. Just consider the type of services Garda offers it’s clients. Garda’s services include Corporate investigations, Insurance investigations services, Intellectual property theft, and security consulting.

Garda’s internal investigation specialists are masters at finding and interpreting the information clients need. From internet and database searches to government files and legal records, Garda is able to assist clients in managing risk, losses, and security while giving clients the key information needed to select the best possible candidates. The pre-employment screening services are tailored to clients needs. Garda employees gather all the required qualitative information, verify the quantitative data, and then develop an expert report that clients use to secure their businesses.

Physical Security

Garda has the largest, best-trained force of security officers globally. When it comes to physical security, Garda provides a wide array of highly specialized services thanks to the training and experience of its team. Garda’s services include uniformed protection, in-store loss prevention, airport preboard screening services, executive and asset protection, patrols and alarm response, consulting as well as strike security. Garda employees are expected to be the worlds best to meet the security needs of the worlds best.

gardaapplyjobsA new vision of security to match a new reality

In 2003, Garda earned 9001-2000 (permit number: 32 379-1) certification for its quality management system in physical security. With an unmatched combination of size, technological leadership and operational expertise, Garda is changing the definition of what a traditional “security company” can offer to the market and with world class employees, Garda is poised to meet these missions

Cash Logistics

Finally, Garda is a one of the largest cash logistics service providers in Canada and the largest in the US Midwest, providing service to thousands of customers. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Garda provides service to all kinds of businesses – commercial, retail, banks, credit unions and any and all other financial service companies, federal and governmental agencies, currency exchanges, and many other businesses with a need for secure currency, coin, check and valuable armored transportation pickup and delivery.

Garda delivers superior level of performance, professionalism and customer-focused attitude with our cash logistics services. They carefully pre-screen and train employees and rely on a skillful customer service approach. These qualities are the trademark of Garda’s approach to delivering security services.

Garda Global’s Mission

At Garda, security means a world of interrelated combined services and solutions with one purpose – a safer, more effective environment for customers. They value their employees, and their safety and security are paramount. Their team of professionals is highly qualified and among the finest trained in the industry. This allows Garda to become the foremost provider in security, cash logistics, pre-employment and investigation services. The goal of their Company is to exceed the expectations of corporations and governments throughout the world. So check out Garda’s Employment Opportunities.