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Major Employer for U.S. Military Veterans Joins

by Marcy Bulstrom

ComCon Technologies Inc., a privately held small business, is best known for its support to senior military and civilian leaders. They provide executive level services to the United States Air Force, Army and the Asia Pacific Center for Strategic Studies. Their staff is a well balanced mix of veterans of the Department of Defense, Department of State and a variety of technology companies. Their capabilities include Senior Executive Support, Exercise & Wargame Planning, Logistics & Operations Management, and Information Technology & Systems Engineering.

Since its formation in 1999, ComCon has become known to many of the Top 100 defense contracting corporations as an agile and multi-talented small company of independent and innovative thinkers. Over the years, they have been able to provide high-quality analyses and effective management in the arenas of logistics, operations and information technology.

With three important certifications granted by the Small Business Administration: a) Service Disabled Veteran Owned (SDVO), b) 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) and c) HUBZone Business, ComCon is one of the best employers of U.S. Veterans in the U.S.A.   To support their efforts, ComCon has partnered with, a leading job board for U.S. Military Veterans, to train, hire, and employ America’s best.

ComCon’s commitment to their clients is matched by our commitment to their employees.  They seek to recruit and retain the very best! Their motivated professionals know and accept the challenges of leading and managing in the 21st century.

Led by Rojelio "Rojo" Herrera, President, and James "Jim" Lewis, Senior Vice President, ComCon was founded to provide consulting services to the Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) staff. However, in the aftermath of 9/11/2001, ComCon was asked to staff key leadership positions in PACAF’s operations center; the results are undeniable—ComCon turned an underperforming center in a model of efficiency and teamwork.

Since then, ComCon has gained a reputation for being able to recruit uniquely qualified personnel for “hard to fill” positions. We are extremely well networked with the military retiree community and have a significant number of our employees who have over 20 years experience in their field! Our compensation rates are high and our benefits are competitive.

ComCon has numerous high-paying employment opportunities available right now — check out their job posted at:

Their workers are supported by a very competitive benefits package that includes:

comconapplyjobsmilitaryHealth Plan
We offer a flexible spending plan that gives each employee the ability to choose from a variety of plans, the best plan that will meet their own needs and those of their families. The cost of other programs may be covered by a combination of company and employee pre-tax contributions.

Retirement Plan
ComCon’s Simple IRA Plan allows an employee to shelter up to $13,000 of their annual salary through payroll deductions. Employees DO NOT need to satisfy service requirem ents to become participants. Each participant in the plan will receive a matching company contribution equal to 3 percent of their salary base.

Education Assistance
ComCon recognizes self-improvement through formal education is a key to our success and encourages employees to improve job-related skills by offering up to $4,000 per year for fully reimbursable costs for job- related training and tuition reimbursement

Comprehensive Leave
Eligible employees accrue time off each pay period and ComCon’s program provides paid leave for vacation, personal business and short-term illness. Accrual rates vary based upon years of service.

Based upon contractual requirements, ComCon employees are eligible for ten holidays during the year.

More about ComCon Technologies…

Senior Executive Support
ComCon currently provides a former US Ambassador and other retired Foreign Service Officers along with other seasoned professionals from several departments within the federal government. We recognize that a lifetime of experience gained in some of the government’s most strategic activities makes these people extremely valuable assets to our nation’s security. We encourage the Department of Defense, in particular, to consider them an opportunity to continue using their unique on their operational/specialized staffs.

ComCon is able source these senior executive level personnel to assist policymakers in matters of strategic policy and . They are extremely sensitive to the need for confidentiality and offer impartial and insightful analyses to senior decision makers in their executive capacity. Meeting these challenges will require transforming the national security establishment, and we are devoted to helping achieve this end.

Exercise & Wargame Planning
Readiness is crucial in today’s 21st century military and the effective use of exercises and wargames is one of the critical components used to maintain this readiness. ComCon has considerable experience in both of these arenas. Our employees have participated in dozens of exercises worldwide in virtually every possible position—from members of the training audience to observer trainer to exercise/wargame design team—we have the expertise to help our client’s training objectives come realities. ComCon understands mission-critical problems and brings innovative solution sets using improved techniques and technology. In short, ComCon is there when needed to support our men and women in uniform.

Logistics & Operations Management
This is ComCon’s core capability—together with our government partners, we have faced the complex command and control (C2) challenges of logistics and operational management. In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, we were sought out by US Air Force agencies to provide greater C2 and strong leadership to an underperforming unit. Since then, we have been cited by general/flag officers for our superior knowledge of logistics, operations and in particular, the air mobility mission.  Within the community of the Top 100 defense contractors, ComCon is known as one of the very few corporations who have certifiable credentials in this area.
We have planned and executed and been consulted on literally all major air mobility operations in the Pacific region. Our leadership during the initial stages after the tsunami struck SE Asia gave the DoD courses of action allowing them to manage the complex crisis and literally save lives and reduce human suffering for millions of people.

Information Technology & Systems Engineering
Our record of timely and aggressive IT support has led to an unbeatable record of success! Again, ComCon was sought out by a DoD agency—this time we were asked to take over the management of a network that was faltering in its support to one of the US Army’s warfighting location. In very short order, we assessed the situation, developed a plan to restore the health of the network/systems and implemented the needed changes. Our clients are extremely pleased and more importantly, our soldiers and their support personnel have a secure and high performing network.

"ComCon’s corporate culture is one of mission—our mission is to bring the leadership and the knowledge to help our customers’ to succeed at their mission."

Information Technology
In 2008, ComCon’s IT portfolio was expanded to include the Network Support for the LANDWARNET at Ft Campbell, KY. Our previous successes on the DISN Global Support Contract at Wheeler AAF and EAGLE TALON were keys to our selection to provide this critical support to the communications infrastructure.
Senior Executive Level Support—we are very proud to be on two large multi-year, Indefinite Delivery and Indefinite Quantity contracts: ALLIANT and TRANSCOM Advisory & Assistance Services. Both contracts require seasoned professionals to provide advice to key military leaders. Likewise, ComCon has contracted two Foreign Policy Advisors to meet “high end” political-military requirements at the Senior Executive level. Our employees include a former US Ambassador and have earned the reputation as “trusted agents” to general/flag officers.

Other Areas of Expertise:

  • Solutions & Support for IT
  • Architecture & Design for Civil
  • Emergency Operations Centers
  • Command and Control Centers
  • Logistical Control Centers
  • Senior Executive Level Support
  • Critical Information Systems   
  • Operations & Training for Military  
  • Joint Air Operations Centers                   

Executive Leadership:

Rojelio "Rojo" Herrera
President & CEO
[email protected]
(808) 284-9874

Jim Lewis
Senior Vice President & COO
[email protected]
(808) 271-1339

P.O. Box 30761
Honolulu, HI 96820
Phone (808) 284-9874
Fax (808) 625-1925